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Chapter 1: and still I love you

Dear journal,

. Love. A strong desire for someone or something. A longing. An attraction. I love clea, a vampire, a girl, my best friend. I love her with all my being, with every single cell in my body, and even more than that. On some nights I look up at the sky, and wonder why? Why doesn't she feel the same, I know that at some point she did. At one time, we were so close, then "it" happen. I know she doesn't like talking about it, and neither do I. somehow I feel as if it were my fault, if I hadn't let her go then maybe we wouldn't be how we are now. I lover her, and she knows. I've told her millions of times, never has she ever said it back. Never has she looked at me the way I look at her, never has she held my hand just because she wanted to be close. Darkness. Clea is darkness. At first it may seem empty, but if you look close enough you start to see the stars, the moonlight starts to shine, and you can see the outline of things. Clea is darkness I just haven't seen look close enough.

Graham closed her journal and walked out the bathroom. Clea was waiting for her. "where the hell have you been?" clea demanded. "none of your damn business." graham replied. A cruel expression played on clea's lips before finally resting on a smile a second before she ran leaped in the air and landed on graham. Clea growled and showed her fangs. "listen you little bitch you do not talk to me like that. Understand?" graham grunted but gave up. "yes I understand clea." clea laughed, it wasn't a happy laugh it was cruel, and got up. "that's master to you" clea said and walked away. Graham stood up and fallowed clea into the living room. It had red velvet curtains and matching furniture. Clea grab a match and a cigar. Graham loved the way clea smoked. It made her seem tougher but also gave her a certain look that only if you looked hard enough you could find. And I looked hard. I watched her every move as graceful as a buck yet as fierce as a tiger. Clea turned around "so tell me graham what's on your mind?" she said as she let out a swirling puff of smoke. Clea smiled and ran her fingers down the right side of grahams face and stopped at the bottom of her chin. She lifted grahams face to meet her eyes and slowly bent down. The feel of Clea's touch sent shivers through grahams whole body, she wanted so desperately no more then to kiss clea. Clea smiled showing her perfectly white fangs, as graham bite down on her lower lip. Clea kiss graham, soft but intense. Clea moaned and let go of graham, then laughed again. "still as weak as ever. You wretched little worm, what did I ever see in you?" the words cut through graham like a thousand knifes. "that's funny I could say the same thing." graham responded as best she could. Clea smiled obviously amused by graham's attend to sound stable. Unfortunenly graham was not as good at lying. Clea stayed quiet her eyes turned to graham taking in very detail of her body. To graham it felt as if she was being undressed by clea's eyes. Their eyes locked and once again graham felt that unspeakable sensation she hated herself for how she felt and yet somewhere deep in her body she was pleased. Both women enjoyed the view of the other. Clea smiled seductively, graham didn't dare to smile back. Ding dong! " I'll get that." clea walked over to the door and answered it. "hiya m'am I'm here to um well you see there's been a disappearance in this town and we were just wondering if you knew anything?" the officer asked nervously. "no I'm so sorry sir I've know no such thing, surly I would say something if I did." "well her, the girl who disappeared, name is graham fuller, has uh brown hair-" "listen officer I assure you I don't know anything and im kind of busy so if you don't mind" clea pointed to the door. "yes of course. But uh here"- he handed clea a folded paper- "what is this?" she asked. "a picture of the girl." "oh thank you. Have a nice day." "you too m'am." she closed the door. "what was that?" graham asked. "oh nothing of interest to you, just a picture of this sexy chick." "who?" graham said in a jealous tone. "Hmm a little jealous are we?" "who is it?" she asked and with her new advanced vampire powers she made a deft movement and snatched the paper. When she got a hold on the paper and unfolded it she saw a mirror imaged of herself. There were only Subtle differences. She was paler now, older, had darker eye rings and was slimmer, didn't have one blemish. Darker hair, but same blue eyes. She blush as soon as she saw herself, "this is just me" she said. "of course who'd you expect?" "well, someone different um better-looking." clea came forward, closing in on the space between them. She wrapped on arm around graham's waist and the other traveled from graham's neck down her spine. "you are beautiful." clea breathed against graham's lip. "please don't do this, I cant resist." graham said in barely a whisper. "I don't want you to." clea said in her ear, then let her lips continue down wards. "are you enjoying this graham?" "yessss." she whimpered. "do you want more?" clea asked while sucking near her collar bone. "ooh yesss." "then say it," she teased. "I want no I need you clea, please." graham threw her head back to allow better access to clea. "you can do better than that. Say my name." clea picked graham up, graham shocked wrapped her legs around clea while she carried her to the bedroom. "take me, im yours, please clea." graham said and wrapped one arm around clea's neck while the other entangled itself in her hair. "I love hearing you moan my name." clea said with her eyes closed and threw graham on the bed. "oh really?" graham asked seductively "uh huh" clea moaned as she undid her shirt buttons. " CClea." that almost sent clea over the edge. She jumped on the bed, and clung to graham. " I going to make you scream it" she exclaim. "oh please do." graham said. And that was it, clea could take no more. She opened her lips wide and drew out her fangs, graham smiled knowingly and expected the canines to pierce her soft skin sending a rush of emotions through her body. Clea bite down hard, it didn't take much to break the skin, letting blood rush out, pouring into clea's mouth. She savored every last drop, and licked her lover clean, then when she was sure she had enough she looked up to graham. "my turn?" graham asked. Clea nodded. She stood up and removed the rest of her clothes then went to a small dresser when she open the drawer she drew out a small , sharp knife. Graham, still on the bed, also removed the rest of her clothing. She tossed her hair back and patted on the bed letting clea know she was ready. Clea took the hint and quickly returned. "so same rules apply little sweet graham, not to much or else you'll became full vampire. Do you understand?" clea asked showing graham the small knife. Graham stood up and dragged clea back to bed then pulled her down on top of herself. "yes master clea." she said and withdrew a quick breath. The gift clea was giving was rare, graham didn't know when she would have another chance like this again. Clea held the knife in front of graham, it shined in the light and reflected her face. She drew it close to her heart and looked down at graham, she made slow cut across her chest, letting blood pour down dripping into grahams thirsty mouth. Graham swallowed greedily, she loved clea's taste, sweet like a flower's nectar but raw, and salty like copper. Clea winced in pain, "enough!" she yelled a few minutes later. She was panted with sweat on her face, graham stood up, with blood still on her lips she kissed clea and shared the wonderful blood. Clea could taste herself on graham's lips and tongue, she could also feel the cut she made for graham already healing. Clea moaned while graham explored her body, "your so beautiful clea" graham said. "your not so bad yourself." clea responded. As the time went on, both girls were satisfied many times before they were too tried to continue. "wow clea that was amazing!" graham said and sunggled next to clea. "well im glad you liked it, sweet graham." "liked is an understatement." I love you. Graham thought, and had to bite her lip to stop herself from saying it out loud. clea had a lazy smile, she looked down at the beautiful girl in her arms, "graham you know that this was just for fun right? I don't love you" graham's face fell, clea noticed but said nothing, "yeah of course." clea could feel graham tensed up in her arms, then she stood up, and got dressed. "where are you going?" clea asked. "to my room." "why I thought maybe we could spent the morning together, hmm what you think?" "well you've made it pretty clear you don't want me here I might as well leave, its better that way." "I don't understand, what's you're problem?" "my problem?! Clea you just love playing with my heart don't you? don't you understand?" "how can I understand when you don't bother explaining? What sense does that make?" she asked angrily "I shouldn't have to explain clea, that's the problem, you go around playing my with my heart, you know I love you, unlike you for me its not just having great sex! Its more than that for me, I trusted you, I gave you my life clea I am now a soulless bloodsucking leach, and all for you! For you, I gave you my everything, and you act like its nothing, you treat me like some kind of sex toy, you take my heart and toy with it! How am I suppose to feel?" graham sobbed "graham...I.." "no don't bother, you know me too well you just lay there, say everything's fine, fucking rip my heart out but what will I do? Nothing because even after everything I still love you." graham had tears in her eyes, they rolled down her cheek and tasted salty against her lips, that not even five minutes ago clea had caressed. "well then if that's how you feel, then you are welcomed to leave. I have told you millions of times graham, it was your choice what I may have done to pursue you is a different story. Now you can either go on living as you are now, or like I said you are more than welcomed to leave." clea said very nonchalant. "you're unbelievable." graham said and walked out. Clea stood there, unsure if she should after graham, but finally after some contemplating she crawled back into bed, she would be back sooner or later clea thought.

a/n--So what do you think? Did you like clea or was she a complete bitch? Well regardless of her bitchyness I still love her and so does graham and besides How do you think clea feels?

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