Chapter 20

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The instalment team came to Louis and Harry's house and quickly put up the pole. Harry was still asleep when Louis paid and they left to do the same in Liam and Niall's house.

Louis stood admiring the shiny pole and was glad that this was something he had taken as an extracurricular in school. He slid his hands down the silver and shivered as he felt the cool metal stick to his skin.

Decidedly finished admiring the new toy he had gotten, he left to their room to put on his outfit, knowing that with the plug in while swinging his body around on the pole he would most likely end up cumming before he had the chance to let Harry finish off in some way or another, so he quickly slipped on a black rubber cock ring before he did anything else.

Pulling out his regular plug, he coated his fox plug with some vanilla flavoured lube and slipped it in, moaning deliciously at the feeling of it filling him up completely. Pulling on a pair of special purple and black lace panties, he slid the tail through the hole in the back and grabbed his black heels that he kept for occasions like these, glad that he had bought them without knowing he would actually need them.

Slipping them on slowly, he also slicked
up his skin with some vanilla moisturiser and wiped the remaining moisture on his face. Admiring himself in the mirror, he tugged on the tail once and whined quietly, wishing that it wasn't self centred to wank to your own reflection.

Walking out of the bedroom, he walked to the room with the pole in it and practiced some moves quickly, not wanting to look like a fool in front of Harry. When he felt ready to dance for Harry, he went to the living room where Harry was still napping, his hand wrapped tightly around the key on his necklace. Louis smiled to himself and shook out his hair, making it look messy.

"Haz, it's time to get up." He whispered to Harry, rubbing his thumb softly over his cheekbone. He ran it down his jawline and pecked the sleeping mans lips, standing up when he felt him stir.

"What do you want darling?" Harry asked, stretching like a cat before he stood up and wrapped his arms around the smaller boys waist tightly. His eyes shot open as he felt a small bit of fur tickle is skin, and his eyes trailed down to Louis' bum where the fur was hanging loosely from his hole.

"Oh." He said breathily, pecking Louis' neck and sucking the delicate skin into his mouth. He bit down on it lightly, hearing Louis suck in a sharp breath and smirked to himself as he felt the smaller boys not so small cock harden against his thigh. He detached his lips and let Louis pull him to wherever he was taking him, going along with whatever his submissive wanted for once.


It turns out, whatever Louis wanted was actually one of Harry's biggest fantasies. He sat on a chair facing towards the pole where his soul mate was swinging himself around in the most sensual ways. He slid his hand up and down his cock slowly with the time of the dance the smaller boy was performing, moaning loudly when Louis faced his bum towards him and bent over slowly, showing part of the black ball on his arse as he pushed it out slightly.

"Come here baby." He said hoarsely, his voice low as he reached for Louis with one hand. Louis stopped his dancing and walked over to Harry, making sure that he was walking slowly as he straddled Harry's lap.

He grabbed Harry's cock and started ever so slowly sliding his hand up and down, running the soft pad of his thumb over the tip every so often. He pulled out the plug and hovered Harry's dick before sinking down slower than his hand, eliciting a rough moan from the back of Harry's throat.

He clenched his hole in the effort to tighten it around the taller boy's cock and smiled successfully when he felt the fleshy pole sliding hotly in his insides.

Harry thrusted up in time with Louis sinking down and came quickly with a whimper. His eyebrows furrowed as he saw tears sliding down Louis' cheeks and when he looked down he realised the boy was wearing a rubber ring around his cock. Sliding it off quickly, he jerked on Louis' member and got him off with one, two, three flicks of the wrist. Louis slumped against his body and breathed heavily, pecking his neck softly.

"I love you." He sighed, kissing Louis on the lips.

"I love you, Haz." He kissed him again lazily, licking into his mouth as they fell into a peaceful silence; Louis falling asleep on Harry's lap quietly.

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