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This is inspired by another story I read

Bakugou POV:

I am the boss of a very important company, people take me very seriously and even some are scared of me well except these two who treat me like I'm a baby.

Shoto Todoroki and Izuku Midoryia they are two of my best worker's only reason I keep them around. They are both ALOT taller see I'm 5'2 and Shoto is 6'10 and Izuku who I call Deku is 6'8, I've been avoiding them this entire week I just can't stand them I'm a boss I can literally fire them yet they act as if I'm their baby.

I'm sitting in my office right now doing work I'm very tired and I'm not in the mood for anyone-

*knock* *knock*


I ignore them hoping they will just leave

"Hunny you okay?"


I roll my eyes and still stay silent then I hear keys jiggle and the door open revealing a concerned Deku and unhappy Todoroki

Fuck I forgot they have the keys.

"Its not nice to not open the door for us baby" Todoroki says I roll my eyes

"I'm busy and I dont have to open the door I'm the boss." I say with venom in my voice I stand up from my desk and walk in front of them with my arms crossed

"So why are you here?" I ask with a glare they just smile

"Well we know your bored up here by yourself with tons of work so I brought you some stuff!" Deku said in his normal preppy voice

"Do you need to go potty?" Todoroki asks I mentally sigh

"I can use the RESTROOM when I please I'm a grown man." I say he just takes my hands and drags me

"H-hey let me go!" I yell as he drags me into the bathroom, he stops in front of the toilet and starts unbuckling my pants

"N-no! Rape!" I yell my cheeks red

"Shhh I'm just helping you go potty little one" He says taking out my dick and holding it (not inappropriately --_--)

"I can do it myself!" I yell embarrassed

"Nonsense you too little now just let go" He says in a soft voice I try and hold it in but my bladder betrays me

"Good boy!" He praises me my face is dark red god I hope no one walks in, when I'm done he zips me back up and washes my hands for me and leads me back to my office. My draw drops when I see Deku decorated my desk with baby things.

"Aw did he go?" Deku asks with a huge grin on his face that right now I wanna punch

"Yes he did! He did so good for daddy" Todoroki said

"You are not my daddy!" I say he just smirks that I said the word daddy

"Aw good job well appa and daddy have to go back to doing work we'll see you later little one" Deku says and kisses my cheek I glare at him, then they both walk out


Part 2 later/ I need some ideas for 'Villian 2' 


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