1. The Name Game

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*SUP BITCHES! ITS ME AGAIN! If you have no idea who I am, look at who wrote this. Anyways, this is a new fanfic that's based on yet another tumblr post-- like A World Of Invisible Color! So the post is up there ^ and I hope you enjoy this fic as much as you like my others!*

// Castiel's POV

"No way!" I laughed, clapping my hands.

"It's not funny you know!" She whined.

"I know-- I'm sorry! It's just...oh god..."

Her face was almost as read as her hair. She usually never got this flustered. Unless it was about The Name Game.

Well that's what you would call it anyway.

You were born with the name of your soulmate. Your one true love. Your other half. The one who'd always be there for you and make you happy.

No one knows how we know....we just did.

Some people got lucky and don't have to wait that long.

Others...get the freaking common names or the names that are the most random thing ever.

Like me. My name is Castiel-- who the heck am I supposed to be with?!

My friend Charlie, has the name Meg. And today will probably be marked as the worst day of her life.

She found out someone was named Meg and started thanking the lord and almost made out with her-- which she has happened before-- but it wasn't the right Meg.

She thinks our soul mates will have our names...I think differently.

What if you had one name but they had another. That just has rejection written all over it.

My supposed "soulmate" is a Dean.

That's a pretty common name. It's embarrassed me multiple times in my life.

Especially since being gay isn't the most accepted thing in the world. That's why homophobic people didn't believe in The Name Game. They thought it was just some mental disease that made wrong choices. They've accused us of performing black magic and such. And maybe it is some mental disease or black magic-- but it makes people happy.

Now give them a heterosexual soulmate name thing and they'll be all for it. Even help plan the wedding.

I hate people like that.

And I eventually gave up. No one was going to have Castiel as their soulmate's name. And it was "wrong" for me to have another males name.

I just wished I was more like Charlie. She'd known she was a lesbian for a long time-- even if she didn't have a name. But she did and that just encouraged her more.

But I would never be like her...and no one was going to have my name.

That was just something I had to get used to.

"It was so embarrassing! She looked so awkward and scared!" She cried.

I patted her head and pulled the cake out of the oven.

I moved it onto the counter and began to slice it into the designated pieces for the display, listening to Charlie's story.

"But you know what? I'm done. I'm tired of always finding the wrong Meg! I'm giving up. That's it!" She yelled.

"What?!" I asked, facing her. "You can't give up! That's not the Charlie I know! The Charlie I know would go out an make out with every Meg if she had to!"

She gave me a bitch face and placed her hands on her hips.

"Oh so you can give up but I can't?" She asked.

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