Chapter 8

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C  H  A  P  T  E  R    8

Day 1

"Hello, everyone!" The red head in front bellowed into the mike, sending screeches of feedback into the speakers. “Hellooooo there!”

Brooke cringed.

"Welcome to Chrone's fitness camp!" Red Head bellowed again. "I am your head camp instructor, so if you are having any period problems while on your stay here, come look for me! Just look for me, period!" Red Head laughed out aloud at her own joke. "Pun not intended."

Brooke groaned inwardly. Not a snicker ran through the crowd of girls seated awkwardly in front of Red Head and all of them stared back at Red Head, some with bored expressions. Brooke could totally understand. She didn't want to be here either.

But with the 3678 bucks her mom had paid for this camp, it was either bomb it - or use it to her advantage. Brooke had decided to use it well, as it might be the last chance her mom was willing to help her out with her weight issues. In a year's time she'd be 18 - legally an adult. She'd be out of her parents' watchful eyes as well as out of her parents' wallet.

Brooke wasn't exactly looking forward to it.

“My name is Lara Moon,” Red Head announced. Her piercing blue eyes swept the crowd of girls in front of her and her mouth curled up into a smile that seemed a little too wide. “You may not call me Loon. Or Moony,” Lara threw back her head and gave a loud guffaw. “Alright, girls?”

A chorus of bored 'yup' and 'yes' answered her question.

Brooke yawned, then inspected her fingernails. She then tried to discreetly look at the girls around her, trying to avoid eye-contact. The girls were all huge – just like her. Some looked twice the size of Brooke (if that was possible), and some looked like they were about to cry. Some looked liked tough bullies who would squash Brooke with a light slap if they wanted to. Brooke likened them to Juan – mean and simply sour; like those gumdrops she ate.

But after much consideration, Brooke decided that they were actually not that bad. Brooke had seen a girl twice the size of her gently shoo away a mosquito that had landed on her pillow-like arms. If it was up to Brooke, she'd have screamed her head off and went running back home. Yet, if it was Juan, he would have caught the mosquito and pulled out the legs and wings one by one. Yeah, Juan was just that awful. Brooke shuddered. Just thinking about Juan made her want to hurl.


When Brooke stepped into the campsite, she realised that was that it was pretty new. Brooke had to admit that the campsite was better than she had expected. A huge mirrored three-storied building sat square in the middle of the campsite. (How they managed to build it in the middle of Amazon was something Brooke couldn't quite grasp.) A smattering of tiny cottages(which Brooke later realised were their dorms) surrounded the mirrored building. The rush of a clear lake gurgled from a distance. The whole experience was rather new, and strangely, Brooke actually managed to feel at ease here.

Much to her relief, Brooke realised was that this camp was exclusively catered to girls only – no boys at all. It meant that Brooke could finally (finally!) escape from boys and their awful sense of humour – namely Juan. Not that Brooke was afraid of him or anything though. She already had something against him. Just thinking about it nearly made Brooke streak through the surrounding forest in her birthday suit in glee. Operative word here being nearly. She was just this close to doing it.

“Today,” Moony announced. “We're going to let you guys off easy. The official training and camp will start tomorrow, giving you time so that you guys can bond with one another.” She gave a meaningful look to everyone. “Please note that lights out will be at 10.30pm . Anybody found breaking the rules will have to run 6 laps around the whole forest.”

Brooke rolled her eyes, then hastily cupped her mouth as she let out a huge yawn. Brooke's gaze wandered along the place where she would be staying for the next few months. There were a bunch of camp instructors at the mirrored building, talking and sipping coffee out of red mugs. Brooke decided to name the mirrored building Main (the building, not the instructors), with the fact that there was where most of the activities would be taking place. The Main consisted of a huge mess hall, an even bigger kitchen, and a up-to-state gym.

Just thinking about the hundred pull ups she was about to do in the gym made Brooke break out in cold sweat.

“Now, who's in the Eagles dorm here?”

Brooke raised her arm meekly. She wondered idly if the dorm should have been named the Elephant dorm instead. They were as huge as elephants, after all. It was the sad truth. Anyway, Brooke had been assigned to the Eagles dorm - which was the third cottage from the left of the Main - and she was tingly with anticipation on who her dorm mates might be. Each dorm held a maximum of 4 campers and Brooke, being late, only had the time to dump her belongings before rushing out to the mess hall where she was now. She hadn't had the time to check out her dorm, nor her invinsible dorm-mates. Yeah, she was just that late. And whose fault was it? Her mother. Her mother had nagged on the drive here, got themselves caught in a traffic jam, and nearly got themselves into the police station for speeding.

Brooke knew she wasn't yet 18, but when she imagined the hideous orange jumpsuit she'd been this close to wearing, she couldn't help but cringe. Orange would totally mess up with her honey blonde hair and make her look like an oversized orange. Orange was a colour only people like Kate Moss could pull off. Not her.

Brooke prayed that her dorm-mates would be nice. She'd seen a bright purple duffel bad on one of the beds and she believed that people who liked purple would be generally artistic, kind and wonderful. Like her, Brooke couldn't help but muse. She dared anyone to challenge her beliefs. If they did, she'd just punch their faces in.

No one messes with Brooke Ashman.

“You may proceed to your dorm now,” Moony said. “Next group – the Hawks. Who are the Hawks here?”

Brooke gulped. It was now or never. She was about to meet her dorm-mates – and she was desperately hoping that they would be nice.

Brooke squeezed her eyes shut and muttered a quick prayer.

Dear God who made Mars Bars,

I love you, so please don't put me up with a bitch. I promise I'll stop digging my nose in public.

Love, Brooke.

With that, Brooke swallowed and stood up. Time to face the bitches.


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