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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 17

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A few weeks passed and once Louis was officially a month pregnant, his baby bump began to grow. It was a subtle growth, maybe only an inch of belly had grown, but it was noticeable to him considering that he had constantly had his hand placed on his stomach area since they had found out he was carrying. The unborn child, or children more likely, were definitely the main attraction, as not only did they get touched indirectly all the time, but Harry had taken it upon himself to give that spot of Louis' body extra attention during sex as well. Whether it was giving it light touches or kissing it softly, he made sure that Louis knew he liked him like this; slightly swollen and glowing like the sun.

They were currently lounging in the living room with Liam and Niall, who had been watching over them closely, suspicious. They hadn't told them yet that they were expecting, but with Niall almost bursting at the seam with only a few more months to go before he delivered him and Liams little girl, Tessa, they weren't too concerned about anything other than planning every detail of their child's life.

"So...... Anything new?" Liam asked awkwardly, rubbing Niall's stomach with the boy sitting on his lap. Niall's five month old fetus had just started to move, and though it wasn't constant i could get uncomfortable some times, and having warmth on it seemed to calm the child down.

"Um, Louis' pregnant." Harry said nonchalantly, wrapping his arms tighter around Louis as they laid watching the movie Magic Mike. It was common for couples to watch movies like this, more of a novelty actually, since these were from back when this type of content was considered risqué. Now it would be considered pg-13, if there were such ratings; they basically watched porn in their freetime, learning new things to either try with their partner.

"Yes! I knew it! You owe me a blowjob Li." Niall exclaimed excitedly, bouncing carefully in his spot. Along with pregnancy came hormones, and while the women got bad mood swings men were constantly horny.

Harry raised his eyebrow at the thought of a dominant on his knees for their submissive but felt himself harden slightly, only a light twitch; but it didn't go unnoticed by the submissive sitting on his lap. The small boy wiggled his eyebrows at Harry and shifted slightly, adjusting his prominent hard on that wasn't covered at all. It was normal for submissives to lay around nude, it was a kink that most dominants had and a submissive was never one to dislike it either.

He leaned up slightly and grabbed Harry's bulge, whispering hesitantly in his ear. He had just gotten an idea that most dominants wouldn't ever comply to, but maybe Harry would be turned on enough to agree.

"How do you feel about foursomes?"


Harry smiled hesitantly, standing in front of Liam and Niall a few days later. Him and Louis had discussed the foursome idea more and had sex several times throughout these discussions; ultimately deciding that this was definitely something they wanted...with Liam and Niall.

Louis had already admitted it to himself the day of the pairings that Liam was fairly attractive, and he had found a new appreciation for Niall's body when he accidentally walked in on the pregnant boy when he had his shirt off; his skin stretching deliciously around the child in his womb. Louis had also decided that day that he had an odd attraction towards pregnant stomach's, or bodies in general. With Harry it took a little bit more convincing though. He was already fine with seeing Niall naked, it was the pregnant stomach that did it for him as well, but with Liam, he didn't want the man to see his babies body; eventually deciding that he would have to just get over it and give his soul mate what he wants.

"Would you want to maybe...... have a foursome with me and Louis?" He asked hastily, tapping his foot nervously.

He heard Liam chuckle, accepting it as a joke, before noticing that Harry was being serious and quieted down. Scratching the back of his neck, it was definitely a nervous habit, he nodded his head and leaned in to pat Harry on the arm.

"Anything for you mate, but why exactly?" He asked, tilting his head and looking like an innocent puppy dog. Harry was definitely sure he wanted to do this now, with his friend, best friend, looking so perfectly happy with who he was with.

"Louis suggested it earlier in the week, and I really want him to be happy ya know? I want him to want to be with me and I don't know if just being me is what he needs. So until I find out what I need to do to be perfect for him, I need to do what he says. And you're not bad looking, neither of you", he said, acknowledging Niall for the first time, "so I didn't see a problem with it." He continued, looking to Niall.

"Do you want to do this Niall?" He asked the pregnant boy who was bouncing happily in his spot; like usual.

"Of course! Whatever my Lili wants is what he get's and I wouldn't mind having sex with you. Sounds fun right? Li also owes me a blow job still. Can they watch baby?" He rambled chirpily, hopping up and down slowly on Liam's crotch, his voice deepening with lust as he continued. Liam groaned, and whether or not it was lustful or just an unspoken agreement, he muttered a quick 'get to the bedroom' to Harry as he stood with Niall in his arms and left in the direction of the room he just worded out about. Harry walked to the bedroom slowly, knowing that Louis was already laying in there waiting for him for....... different reasons.

He walked into the room and sucked in a sharp breath at the scene before him. Liam was kissing a now naked Niall as Louis undressed Liam, already being undressed himself. He walked quietly up behind Louis and started sucking on the junction of his neck, eliciting a moan from his beautiful lips. Harry couldn't help but think of how much more beautiful those lips would look wrapped around his cock, and with that thought he turned Louis around and left Liam to undress himself, throwing the boy down, softly, onto his knees; making sure Louis was comfortable before shoving his cock down his throat.

It was an odd thing, really, to want to protect the small boy with all his being but also want to ruin him with all of his strength. In the end though, he definitely wouldn't want anything to change about how they were, no matter how fucked up it seemed.

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