Chapter Forty-Six

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Leo's POV

I looked as she slept. I felt a light thud on my back. I flinched and turned around, seeing a little Dean. "Leo, have you seen Wolly?" He asked in a worry, "Wolly?" I repeated. Dean nod and walked off to the door and as I blinked he was long gone. I looked back at (y/n) and left the basement. I closed the door behind me as I heard Dean's humming echoing through the hall.

I turned to the corner and saw him, quietly sobbing. "You ripped Wolly." Dean sighed, wiping away the tears as he held a teddy bear. Its hand torn apart and the stuffing falling to the floor. "I...I'm sorry Dean." I heard another voice from behind. I turned around and saw myself. My little feet slowly walked towards Dean as it went through me. I knelt beside him and Dean only chuckled.

"Wolly can be fixed! Yes! yes! Anything can be fixed..." Dean said as he stood up and looked at me. "So why can't you fix what you've done, Leo?" He asked. "You're dead. Move on, Dean." I replied back as he smiled at me, "You need to move on, Leo."

I felt a force wake me up as I shot my eyes open. I saw (y/n)'s face in front of mine. "Why did you slap me darling?" I asked as I rose up to my feet. "Because I hate you." she replied back, "Funny." I said as I walked out of the room, locking it behind me.

(Y/n)'s POV

I watched as he left, hoping that he would forget to close the door, but to my dismay he did not. Am I going to die here? Rot away with the rats? As my thoughts got filled with more and more negativity I could no longer get the spark of hope that I've kept aflame from the start. It comes and it goes, but I feel as though it would no longer be that way. A candle can only hold up aflame for so long, I suppose my own candle isn't any different.

I felt my thoughts burst with a prick of a needle as I heard someone come in. "Good evening." I greeted, even though I haven't seen the outside for what feels like forever. Oh how I miss the outside world, where I have not yet felt the danger and the fear I feel now. How I wish I can roll on to the grass and kiss mother earth and feel lost with her beauty.

The sun shining and gleaming in my eyes, the earth connecting with my feet and feeling and breathing in the fresh air. I never felt so lucky to have experienced that life. But now as I watch my life crumble more and more, I await for the day I can finally be one with nature. Oh, how lovely that would be. Every day is a misery, and the more I feel the grass beckon me over.

Sebastian tightened the leather restraints to my wrist as Leo came into view. "Good morning, my love." Leo greeted, "Ah, morning. How lovely it must be outside." I said as I let out a small smile. "I'll let you outside if you'd be a good girl." Leo chuckled. He caressed my cheek, feeling the warmth of his hand as my smile only grew wider. "Never." I whispered, his hand drawing away.

"We'll see about that." Leo beckoned for Sebastian to turn on the switch. I felt a wave of shock coursing through my body, like rubber bands snapping against every inch of me. I felt pain and radiation, but I couldn't decipher if which one was the worse of it. I could not see anything but a void. I couldn't bring myself to open my eyes.

I screamed, but I felt muffled. I couldn't hear anything. Suddenly, it stopped.

I felt every inch of my body tingly, my head bobbing side to side as I could finally feel tears streaming down my face. I felt paralyzed and thirsty. My body was in excruciating pain, and it got increasingly worse.

"Take her away!" I heard Leo scream as Sebastian started hastily taking off the leather restraints. "What's happening.." I asked with all my strength but he did not answer me. When his hand made contact with my skin, I screamed in pain. "Let go! Let go!" I yelled but only to be tied with a gag on my mouth. "(Y/n)!" I heard a voice screaming for me.

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