Chapter 12

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"Sarah you were probably hallucinating," Peter remarked. "There are no such things as ghosts."

"No I saw her she...she said she needs to be released," Sarah said.

"Okay if she was a ghost how would we release her?" Peter questioned sarcasticly.

"Well in movies they use a board game called Ouija Board," Sarah informed.

Peter felt another chill go down his spine, but this time it wasn't as cold as before. This one was his own body sending him a message. Peter rose off the book shelf where he sat, and pulled out the rectangular box he thought to be a board game. The letters read OUIJA.

"That's it!" Sarah screamed. "Open it."

Peter took the lid off and inside lay a board with letters on them, and a triangular eye glass.

"Sarah light a candle," Peter ordered.

Sarah got the candle, and lit it. The flames reminded Peter of the hell from which the thing that possessed his sister, and the hell that he will end up in for his act. Peter and Sarah looked each other signaling themselves to put their hand on the eye piece.

"I'll go first," Peter whispered. "Are we alone?"

The piece moved to the top left. "No". Peter and Sarah looked at each other in astonishment.

"I'll go now," Sarah said with fear. "Can you tell us why these people are after us.

The piece moved again. T...H...E... H...O...U...S...E.

"What about the house? Sarah asked. By the sound of Sarah's voice she was not taking this too well.

The eye piece moved faster this time. It said I will tell you more if you release me.

"Now let's hold on a second Sarah we don't know if this is safe. Let's talk about this," Peter spoke.

It was too late. By the time Peter finished his sentence Sarah said, "I release you."

Peter and Sarah fell back. A bright light appeared; they couldn't believe it. There more stood in front of them for a moment. The light around her made their mother look like she never deceased. That only lasted for a couple seconds. The light went out and their mother turned into an ugly woman who looked nothing like their mother. She had a long white blood stained dress on, and a long sword-like knife. She let out a piercing scream.

"Sarah let's go," Peter screamed.

They tried to run. The ghost woman closed the door with a thought.

"Closet!" Peter screamed.

They ran into the closet. Fear had taken over Peter.

"Listen to me carefully. I'll attack her and you get to the door for help," Peter explained.

Sarah nodded out of fear. Peter broke through the closet doors. He managed to tackle this woman to the ground. Sarah ran.

"No!" the woman shrieked. With that she sent Peter flying into the ceiling with her mind again.

Peter was out cold again. As that happened, Sarah almost reached the door before a man came charging inside the house hitting her in the face with the door. Sarah was out too.

"You okay girl?" The man said.

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