Chapter- 21

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hear the track above while reading.



*chirp chirp*

i woke up hearing pleasant noises of the birds but to be honest even they were like irritating me today because i was basically not able to sleep throughout the night.Ah today is Saturday and probably i will simply sleep tomorrow.

C'mon Y/N you can do it.Just do it.Its the last day of the week."

I trued to convince myself to get ready for school.Till now i was talking to myself with closed eyes only.Legends you know?

As i opened the eyes it was still dark around.I shoved my hand nearby in attempt to find my phone.As it got in my hands i lazily put it infront of me with still half open eyes.

"5:01 a.m."

The phone's lockscreen read.Aish i woke up too early.Just 2 hrs of sleep.

Damn it!Now i wont be able to sleep.I lazily got up and freshened myself up a lill.Being too lazy to bath yet i just washed my face,Brushed my tooth and went outside in the corridor to see if anyone was alive or everyone was sleeping as a dead ass.Well probably they are still sleeping i see.I started roaming around in the mansion trying to explore a bit.

As i reached the second floor i saw a gym room!?Aish how can i forget they are rich asses.

As i entered I stared at all the equipments inside planning out how each would go for a desired physical characteristic

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As i entered I stared at all the equipments inside planning out how each would go for a desired physical characteristic.Now since i am early i thought of doing something physical.

I slowly removed my over shirt and paced towards the thread mill .As i started i kept it slow and slowly and slowly started it increasing.A gush of anger was running inside me as i was increasing the speed.My anxiety and stress i have been handling for past days,Past month everything was taking over me and i was letting it come.There was a point i turned the speed to maximum speed but it was becoming difficult for me so i simply turned it off and went towards the boxing bag .I wore half boxing glove which probably would give me only a li'll protection.

The dust began to fly as i threw the punch on the bag.I plugged in my air-pods and started punching it.10,15,25,30.

Minutes kept passing and my aggressiveness grew along.I knew it my knuckles are bleeding badly but this is less than the pain that i am experiencing or have experienced.It was until someone came separated me.

Jimin Pov:
I woke up at 5:45 am For my regular physical routine.I went into kitchen to drink water and give a fresh start.
I was on my way to the gym but the lights were already on inside.
I didn't really care bcz I knew it would be one of my brothers.As I Went inside at first sight I saw no one but then my eyes went to the source of the punching noise.As i diverted my gaze to the person my eyes widened a bit to see an unexpected person.It would usually be JK Practicing in there but I saw Y/N.
I stood there for few minutes starting at her lean body having few cuts(not being a pervert here ,he is saying in normal way)Then my eyes went towards her hands on which knuckles were bleeding

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