By the time we returned back to the hotel, it was close to five o'clock. I managed to drink the rest of the margarita while Kyro had driven us back to our destination. Sadly the margarita did not leave me feeling tipsy at all like I had originally intended which unfortunately made the ride to the hotel extremely awkward.  I was not sure what to say and I think he was not in the mood to chat either after almost losing control of his animalistic side.

Honestly I was not ready to meet that other side of him.  If he had shifted, I probably would have shat myself on the spot in all seriousness.  Even though I had already seen Thomas shift, I still could not comprehend the fact that werewolves could somehow morph their skin and break their bones to transform which still made my stomach squirm with disgust. 

The minute we pulled up, Kyro jumped out and was on his cell phone within seconds speaking a foreign language that I could not decipher. It must have been Latin or some language that people believed had died a long time ago because I had never heard anything like it. The language almost sounded otherworldly from the noises that came from his mouth.  

I eyed Kyro down while he chatted on the phone, his forehead creasing when he suddenly looked my way.  He must have felt my eyes on him as he gave me a quick nod as if telling me that he would talk to me later and walked away to who knows where. I am not gonna lie, I really wanted to know what he was talking about and for being a nosy person, I was a bit peeved.

I began wandering around outside just humming to myself when I felt a presence creep in to my mind. 

"Something's hiding in those woods," the voice growled.  I immediately recognized it as the voice that had called itself Fenrir from a previous conversation when we had chatted before.   

"You again.  Damn it!  Just when I get a second of peace, you just had to show up like one of those Uncles you don't want to see at a family holiday party," I spat out, holding my forehead with irritation.  

"I'm doing you a favor," the creature snarled at me. "Do not disrespect me.  You will regret it."

"Ok then what is it oh mystical creature in my head," I asked sarcastically peering out in to the wooded area. 

"A Jikininki," the low, rough voice responded. 

"A what?" I questioned, scrunching my eyebrows together.  "Please dumb it down for me.  I just got thrown in to the supernatural world for crying out loud."

"They are often referred to as corpse eating spirits.  They can sense the dead.  The souls of once greedy and selfish individuals left to wander on this earth until the end of time," the voice rumbled with a snarl. 

"So why is it here then?  Nothing is dead?" I inquired lowly, my heart beat starting to slowly pick up.

"Eira?"  I suddenly whipped around as Kyro peered at me from several feet away.  His brown hair was messed up as if he had ran his fingers through it but the thing that shocked me the most was that his face and eyes were completely expressionless as he put the phone in to his pocket. 

When he noticed that I was not going to say anything he asked once again lowly, his tone gravely serious.  "Who were you talking too?"

I managed to stumble out the best response that I could think of on the spot. "Oh just chatting with myself.  I tend to do that a lot," I responded, hoping he wouldn't catch me in a lie but I had a feeling my response was not going to work one bit.   

Yo Fenrir or whatever you are, make yourself useful and block my thoughts.  Kyro can read minds. I thought hoping that Kyro wasn't already able to read my mind right then and there. 

"Already ahead of you child," the voice responded letting out an evil chuckle. 

"Eira who were you speaking too?" Kyro questioned once again, his tone becoming even colder as the hairs on the back of my neck began to rise in warning. 

"An imaginary friend?" I answered.

"WHO......WAS.......THAT?" Kyro questioned, spacing out his words, his tone clipped and dangerous, his brown eyes darkening with forewarning.  

"Hehehe child go ahead and tell him," Fenrir finally spoke as my shoulders drooped.

I visibly gulped, running my fingers through my blonde hair.  "Ahh how do I say this?" I grumbled out, trying not to sound crazy as I scratched my jaw.  I let out a sigh looking back at Kyro who had stayed rooted to the ground several feet away from me. "There's this umm voice in my head.  It says that its name is Fenrir.  I'm not sure what that means."

I expected a reaction out of Kyro but there was nothing.  Absolutely nothing and that was what scared me the most. I knew then that he knew of the name Fenrir, of the thing that was chatting with me. 

"How long has this been going on?"

"Since around when Gabriel kidnapped me.  I can't pinpoint when exactly."

Kyro was silent as he cracked the knuckles loudly on his one hand, one by one.  The forest was completely silent, only the trees swaying and I began to feel the chill as the signs of winter began to approach. 

"Kyro what's going on?"  I asked as he just shook his head in utter shock.  His arm began to twitch as he walked parallel away from me towards as tree before bringing his fist back and smashing his fist through the tree. 

"Kyro what the hell!" I screeched running over just as he pulled his hand out, the tips of his knuckles bleeding and turning different shades of black from the blunt force. 

"Don't worry about me.  It'll heal within an hour or two," Kyro snapped as I gripped his shirt tightly narrowing my eyes. 

"Don't tell me not to worry MATE," I snarled pulling him closer so our noses were just centimeters apart. 

Kyro said nothing, his eyes just staring deeply in to mine.  "Kyro please tell me what's going on?" I  begged, my voice losing the ferocity behind it.  "Who is Fenrir?"

Kyro slowly cupped my cheek, his thumb rubbing it as he responded.  "Fenrir is the demon wolf that tried to take over the world when the Gods were alive."


I just want to say that I have been reading comments that people are writing saying that they liked the older version of this book.  I appreciate that you liked the old version however I did not.  I was not happy with it at all which is why I decided to change it.  If you do not like it now, then I apologize but it will not be changing. 

Thank you again to all my supporters for sticking with me this long.  I am going to keep with the quick updates and hopefully finish this book as soon as possible.  Thanks for the support little cubs.

Life update:  I have decided to drop out of college for a semester in hopes that I can figure out what I want to do with my life.  I entered a low point after my Grandmother died unexpectedly this September from cancer.  One minute, she was ok and the next, we found out that she had cancer and within two weeks she was gone. 

After her death, I also ended up losing a few ex-friends along the way.  It truly opened my eyes to how fake these people were when I was at a very low point in my life that they just abandoned me.  I can't say I'm the same person but it gets better little by little.  Trust me. 

Good news though, I'll be 21 on December 16th!! :)

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