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Adriens POV: 

"Mari over there." I pointed to a parking spot. She headed over to it and parked. We sat in the car getting ready to go inside. 

"Okay so, I have to get a few tops and some jeans, as well as some dresses." She looked into her mirror while applying a lip gloss. I leaned over and landed a small kiss on her lips. 

"mmm. Cherry." She looked over with a small blush and a smile. 

"Seriously! You better behave or next time i'm leaving the cat at home." She looked over pointing her finger at me. I took her hand and held it before she pulled away playfully. 

We both made our way into the mall holding hands. We walked passed some stores before I saw Marinette eyeing an outfit that was on display in a window. It was a pair of black denim mom jeans and a small cute crop top. She looked over at the window in awe, before looking up at me to signal to go inside. I followed her in the store and helped her find the pieces to the outfit. 

"Okay Im gonna go try it on I will be back." I looked at her and nodded before sitting outside the changing stall. A few minutes later she came out of the room in her outfit. She looked perfect. 

"We are buying that." 

"mmm, I don't know Adrien I don't think---"

"No, we are buying that." She looked up and giggled before heading back into the changing room to try on another outfit. 

She came out in a red and black jumpsuit. I looked over in awe admiring her perfect figure. I nodded and she swayed her hips walking back into the room. She repeated this with a few more outfits until we headed to the front desk with hands full of clothes. 

"Alrighty, Thats gonna be $325.72" it was a reasonable price for the amount of clothes she was getting. I went to go and put my card in the swiper before I felt a hand grab it out of my clutch. 

"No way! you payed for my dress last time." And with that she stuck her car in the reader and waited until it cleared to give back mine. 

"Mari, come on let me spoil my girlfriend." I wined. 

"Fine, you can get the next store." I smiled over at her and she rolled her eyes with a smile. 

The next store we stopped in was a party dress store. I looked around to find the racks covered in all different types of dresses. I pulled a few that I liked and she had a few in her hands to. We made it over to the dressing rooms where she slipped some of them on. 

"Taada!" she walked out in a white elegant dress. I looked over in surprise that the first one she tried on, it was the one I chose. 


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"hmmm, I like it but, it's too showy." I replied with a smile. She looked over in confusion. 

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