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Yandere passive nightmare x male reader
Narrator's pov
Nothing worked. You did everything you could to get away from him but nothing worked. You tried anti-sleeping pills but he always took them when you got them so they were useless and even if you got them he would switch it over for sleeping pills.And to make things worse then they already were not even coffee helped anymore all it would do is make you sleepy.So this time you just fell asleep awaiting your end as tears welled.

Y/n's pov
I woke up in a forest at night signaling that I was with him.I started cry at how pointless it was to fight him hearing leaves and grass crumble behind me. "What's wrong y/n?" A soft yet possessive voice said. I couldn't speak letting the tears speak for me as he sighed sitting down on the ground wrapping his arms around my feeble body. "What- what do you want from me." I sobbed out as they still held me close to there chest. "I want you y/n." He said as his grip only got stronger. I couldn't speak anymore as my sobs got worse and he said once more. "My name is nightmare. And I want you y/n~" that name when said felt like a stab in the gut. My vision began to fade until a sharp pain filled my body. "What did you do?!" I said still sobbing as nightmare only laughed at my pain. "I marked you so that everyone knows that you are mine and mine alone." My vision once more dimmed and all I heard was. "This is our new beginning. I hope you love me my moonlight~"

Sorry this was kinda short but I am planning on making a continuation of this so I hoped you enjoyed!
Lukielu out!
Requested by Liza_mcb

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