Accept the Mystery

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I waited patiently for that Justin guy to type back on Skype . I started watching my friend Sandy play with the olive that was in her drink, then I tried to think of something to come up with so I could get her to leave. I didn't want her nosing in my business while I was trying to meet someone new over Skype for the first time. As I saw it, this was my business. So I came up with the decision that I was going to tell her that I wasn't feeling that good actually and I would call her later so we could go down to the beach. I mean I wasn't lying because I was going to be tipsy from drinking in a few minutes or so. Then I looked down at my computer screen and saw that I had a new message. When I looked who it was from though I was disappointed.... It was just Kyle. He said, "Hey Diamond you wanna come down to my place and have a game night? I mean you haven't been down since last weekend and I miss you doll." I smilled because I have known Kyle ever since I began working at Galaxy Escort Pleasures. Kyle was the DJ for the place, and had eyes for me ever since I joined. Him and I started talking that same day and he has been my best guy friend ever since; despite the way he feels about me. I mean don't get me wrong it wasn't his looks that caused me not to date him because he was like the perfect looking guy. Kyle had brown hair which was cut into a skater, short lengthed hairstyle. His body was athletic, and he was about 6ft. I mean even his tone was amazing it looked as though he used to be a surfer type of guy, because he had a golden tan to his skin. His eyes were a bright ocean blue and when he smiled his teeth were pearly white, and straight. Kyle could have any girl in the world in my opinion but he told me he only wanted me...Maybe one day he'll get it through his mind that I'm not looking for a relationship right now. Plus I really wouldn't want to ruin our friendship after all these years even if he has a six pack that I could crack a walnut over LoL.

As I got my mind back on track, and off of Kyles chest I remember I was still waiting for Justin to message me back. I didnt want to seem desperate so I stood up off the couch and closed my laptop. I looked at Sandy who was probably a little tipsy at the moment, and said;

"Hey girl I'm not feeling the greatest actually, so you wouldnt mind going home for now. I mean I'll message you later when I'm feeling better and everything." I said.

"Are you sure you don't want me to stay? I mean I could help you if you need me while your laying down or whatever." Sandy said.

"Yeah I'm sure I'm probably just gonna go take a nap or something. Thanks for stopping over though and caring girl." I said.

"Oh no problem I love you girl. Anyways though I'll be heading out then I guess. Don't forget you can call me if you need anything. I'd rush over just for ya." said Sandy.

"Awe I love you too and thanks girl." I said. Then as Sandy walked out to the door and to her car I started walking towards the laptop again as I heard her car pull away. I picked up the laptop, and went to my bedroom. I sat on the bed and opened my laptop back up. Then realized that I didn't reply back to Kyle and finally did. I typed, " Kyle, sorry I don't think I can come out today I mean I don't feel the greatest. Sorry..." Instantly as soon as I sent it Kyle typed back and said, " I think you need to come out before I walk over and pick you up. I will carry you out of your house whether you like it or not missy." I then replied back with, "you'd carry me a block to your house, umm you couldn't even pick my fat ass up haha just kidding. I'll let you know later if I can or not but right now I'm sorta in the middle of waiting for an important message so talk to you later."

A second later Kyle ended the conversation with, "Fine but I'll see you later."

Then out of no where I got a message from that guy! I hurried and clicked on the message which still had no profile picture , but it read, "Yes I would love to have some help, and meet a beautiful girl like you. I just bet your as beautiful as you are in your profile picture. Am I right?" Then I typed, "Well thanks but I'm not so sure that my profile picture is that beautiful I mean its just me smiling while standing on the beach in my mini sundress. I mean my hair was a total disaster anyways. A better question is why don't you have a profile picture yet? "

He then typed, "Profile pictures are just so overrated where everyone can check you out or take that picture of you and make a fake account. I prefer an actual face to face conversations and visuals. Maybe in this case though I could have that with you one day?"

I replied back with, "Well first let's try and get to know each other, or talk over the internet I mean I'll be free tonight if you wanna call." I got up though because I heard my pup barking. I ran out to the gaming room where my pup (Pixie) was standing in a puddle of pee. I grabbed Pixie, and ran to put her outside so I could grab the napkins in the kitchen to clean up the pee. I mean who wants there gaming equipment to be ruined?

After cleaning up Pixie's mess, I went to the door to check on her. She was fine just running around the yard chasing little lizards and probably eating her own farts knowing that strange dog! Then while looking out the window I saw a moving truck pull in with a Lamborghini driving behind it. I knew my neighbors were rich, but a new car? For who I wondered because the owners Sam and Sally were older probably in there late 50's. I opened the door to step out and see if I could get a better look at the person or people in the car. As I watched it pull up, trying not to look so obvious I started petting Pixie. When the car stopped I saw Sam step out of the drivers side. I started to think they just blew most of there money on this Lamborghini, but I took back that though as soon as I saw the passenger door open to a crack and Sally come out of their house. I mean if Sally was home then who was in the passenger side. Just as soon as I saw the door begin to open my phone started ringing and I ran inside to answer it unfortunately.

I picked up the phone and it was just my job calling to tell me that I had a client for tomorrow night. I accepted because he was going to be paying a shocking $1,000 just so he could be sexually entertained. As I finished up talking on the phone with Yasmin (the secretary at the business) I ran back outside. Sadly I had missed seeing the person, but that was going to change because I had an idea for a nice greeting strategy if I do say so myself. There was just one problem... Sam and Sally did not like me at all ever since they found out my profession as an escort so I was told to stay away in order for them to keep my job a secret. I stayed away to, because I couldn't afford all my neighbors realizing what my job was. But that wouldn't stop me this time though because there guest house was in the back right near the gate to my back yard so why not try to sneak up and take a peak of the newbie tonight.

Quote Time!

"it always seems impossible until it's done"

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