Kingdom Come

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"Oh my gosh! Dude, are you okay?" I said frantically. I checked his pulse, and there was none. "Whoever did this is going to pay." I picked up his axe and ran out of the castle. I saw a hooded figure running through the alley. I threw my dagger and it stuck in his knee. He fell to the ground. I pinned him down, the edge of my sword at his neck. "Give me one excuse, scumbag," I said. He took off his hood. "You!" I said, "How could you do this, Secret?" "Well, just because I'm one of the only humans still in existence in this world doesn't mean I have to be a hero. I made the robots. I killed the people here. I replaced them. But, I'm not the mastermind," he said. I picked up one of the robot's weapons, a javelin, and pinned secret to the wall of a building by his pant leg. "I'll deal with you later. I have to see a man about a weapon," I said like a boss. By the time I got to the Welder's hut, I was fuming. I used Kyle's axe to destroy the door and I stormed in. "Whoa! Danny, what are you doing?" The Welder asked. "Drop the act. I know you and Secret are working together. You both made the robots. You tricked me and Kyle into fighting them, thinking we would be killed. But we both lived, and we killed all of the robots, so you sent Secret to kill us. But, I bested him. He is now hanging on the wall of the courthouse. But, I'm fighting the urge to drop you in the well," I said. I had my dagger up to his neck and my sword around the back of his neck. He took Kyle's axe from me and he kicked me off of him. "You think that you can beat me? I trained you, fool," he said. "Well, too bad. I'm gonna beat you anyway," I replied. So we had a big fight. He used the flat of the axe to hit me in the face and I went down. I went limp. "Now to finish you off," he said as he raised the axe high. He swung down hard at my head but I rolled out of the way and legsweeped him to the ground. "Psych," I said. I knocked him out and set a really clever trap for him.

After about 2 hours, he woke up. "Release me from the ropes! You will regret not killing me now. I will come after you will all of my forces," he said. "Just try it. I wouldn't kill you. I'm not a killer. But, this little snare that I rigged is set up so that if you move a millimeter, all of these swords will drop down on you. The Welder seemed angry, "You can't hold me here!" "I'm afraid I can," I said, and walked out like a boss. I went to the wall that I pinned Secret to. He had picked up a robot's arm and was trying to break the javelin. I threw my dagger and pinned his other arm to the wall. "Been waiting awhile?" I asked, "Well, I won't kill you, I'm just not that kind of person. But, I will release you." I took the javelin and threw it away, but before I took the dagger out I got the other one and made a little knick in the back of his neck. Then I took the dagger out of his sleeve. He fell to the ground, but he couldn't get up. "What did you do to me?" he asked. "It's a secret. Haha! I made a pun out of you. That's how lame you are," I replied. Then I walked away. But, when I made the cut in his neck, I really cut the main nerve line, thus leaving him paralyzed. That's right, I know science.

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