15 Ways on How to Make Sakura Haruno Want to Break Your Neck

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15 Ways on How to Make Sakura Want To Break Your Neck

Flirt with Sasuke. Duh.

Transform into Sasuke and flirt with Ino in front of her.

Transform two shadow clones into Lee and Naruto. Make them ask her on a date in public so she won't be able to say no. When she goes on the date, she'll be stood up.

Spread the gossip that she was stood up by Naruto and Lee. 

Lock her in a room with Lee, Naruto and Ino.

Convince Kakashi to show her his book.

Convince Jiraiya to mention Sakura as one of his inspirations for his books.

Make a SakuLee lemon fanfic and read it to her in her sleep. Do the same with a InoSaku lemon fanfic.

While she's asleep, dye her hair blond and make it look like Ino's hair. The next morning, accuse her of copying Ino so she could get Sasuke.

Change all her clothes to Naruto's jumpsuit and Lee's tights.

Spread a rumor that Sasuke got Ino pregnant.

Bribe Akamaru into humping her all the time.

Kill Sasuke. (I would be happy to do this. :D)

Tell Hinata that Sakura is only acting like she loves Sasuke to get Naruto jealous and make him love her even more. Watch Hinata jyuuken the crap out of her and don't offer any help at all.

Tranform into Sakura and film yourself like your having a wet dream about Naruto and Lee. 


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The only thing i own is this fic. :)

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