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Tw: bullying
Peter is  10
                  Peter tried to run off . Before he got there . He glanced around him as he rushed down the row of lockers trying to get out of school as quick as possible.
It had gotten physical over the days , weeks , months , years . The reason for his fear of going to school . Flash Thompson . Even Ned left midtown high  cause of flash . Now he was on his own . Vulnerable as he possible could be . Nat was on a mission so she couldn't pick him up and comfort him as usual . Only nat knew about this constant bullying . Nat had been gone for at least 1 month . She was supposed to comeback last week but she never arrived . She was peters favourite out of everyone ( except tony) .
        Suddenly a sudden fist came in contact with his face . He quickly shot up and met flash in The Eye . He ducked as another fist was hurled at him . Flash looked angrier than usual . He started his usual rant about how Peter should just go doe and not exist . Peter had heard this so many times that he tuned flash out . Then the kicking came . Flash kicked peter and punched him slamming him and throwing him everywhere then a sentence caught peters attention . "I bet your pretty little aUnt nAT the black widow look alike ran away cause she hates u too much lol!" Tears streamed down peters face as he stood up and started beating flash up .
"Peter Parker office NOW"

- an hour later -

Peter was sobbing onto tony in the car as happy drove back to the tower . " h-he said aunt nat hates me an' .. and he said u hated me and I did-didn't deserve to live" he chocked out . Tony hugged Peter and comforted him . " how bout we have a movie night when we get home . We haven't had those ever since nat left . Yeah ? Sounds great ?" Peter nodded his face stilled tear-streaked

- 2 hours later - ୧(﹒︠ ̫ ̫̊ ̫﹒︡)୨

They were all cuddled together . Peter in between tony and Wanda . As Wanda put her arms around him ( she's 19 ) and pulled him in for a hug . They decided to eventually go for frozen . Cause Clint wanted to be Elsa . " pass the popcorn" Clint said bossily to Peter . Peter stared at him and threw a lunch of popcorn at his face . " go away" Clint suddenly jumped onto Peter as Peter squealed .
They were all laughing and having fun . When suddenly a phone rang . Steve frowned and put his phone on speaker . " Natasha needs back up ASAP shes in trouble ." Nick fury's deep resounding voice echoed around the room .
Peter looked at the phone and immediately yelled "WELL WHAT R U WAITING FOR GET UR ASS OFF FHE COUCH AND GO . GO HURRY" he was the first one in the quinjet Bugging tony to hurry drive .


Natasha stumbled back into the jet looking exhausted . Her skin was pale and there was blood covering almost every inch of her body . Her hair was matted and greasy with bits of alien guts in it. She was littered with bruises and scares everywhere . How ever Peter couldn't care less . He jumped into her arms and hugged her so tight that it was almost comparable to Thor . Although Peter was hitting a scar that was barely healed . She didn't complain. This hug melted the " stone cold" black widows heart and she hugged back .

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