Chapter One

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Hey guys, so this is the first chapter of the third book of the Little Red, Little Red series. If you haven't read Little Red, Little Red, then go read it! What are you waiting for?!?! And if you HAVE read LRLR and haven't read the second book, Big Bad Wolf, then go back and read that too! They both are on my profile! This book will be packed full of drama drama drama, but hey, why not? What is a Teen Wolf fanfic without drama? I hope you like this chapter and the rest of this book :) Enjoy. 

 PS: I'm not going to have Derek and Stiles move into the place that Derek moves into in the series, I like to make up my own houses, so there's the picture of the outside, and I got it off Facebook so it might be a house you know, and I'm sorry for the awkwardness if it is xD I'm completely making up the floor plan though so they only thing that would be the same is the outside xD Ok, I hope you like the first chapter in Little Red Wolf!

Stiles was walking back to the house from going to the store that was down the street from the woods entrance. He needed time to think and he had to beg Derek to let him walk and get some milk for his cap'n crunch because they ran out yesterday. Derek said that he could, only if he took a weapon. You'd think that being a werewolf would be a good enough weapon but Derek begged him to take a pocket knife at least, so he did. 

He was walking, almost to the house when he felt something; it felt like something or someone was watching him. He got the pocket knife out and spun around, making sure no one was there. It seemed to be clear, and he was almost to the house, so he could make it. He tightened his grip on the milk and started to run at a good and fast pace. He got to the opening of the woods where the half of the burnt down house stood, he honestly was glad that they were moving; even though he hasn't been safer anywhere else, this house still gave him the creeps from the outside. Stiles' big, sexy mate stood on the front porch with his hairy arms crossed. "Scared?"

"No," Stiles said, shaking his head. He walked up onto the porch and walked into the strong man's arms. "I love you Derek."

"I love you too..." Derek said questionably but hugged back anyway. "Why were you running?"

"I just wanted to get the exercise that's all," Stiles said, shrugging his shoulders as he breathed in the scent of his protector. Derek sighed and pulled Stiles off of him, looking into his eyes.

"You're lying. Why were you running. Tell me the truth," Derek said, tightening his jaw. Stiles hated when he did that, it made him look hot and sexy but scary and intimidating. What with his sharp facial features, his perfectly shaved beard to frame his sharp facial features, and his eyes moving back and forth to each of Stiles' eyes, Stiles had a right to be scared.

"I just had a feeling that I was being watched, that's it. I promise," Stiles said, nodding. Derek stared into his eyes for a second before nodding and pulling him into another hug, looking around the woods to see if anyone was watching. 

"Alright," Derek said, opening the front door, "we need to start getting ready, tonight is the full moon and we need all the time we can get."

"I already told you that I don't wanna be chained up though," Stiles whined. "Can't I just lay in bed with you?" 

Derek breathed in deeply and thought of the words he was going to use. "Fine. We can try but if you go crazy I will knock you out, I hope you know that."

"Why?" Stiles asked, shooting his eyes at Derek.

"If you're knocked out you can't hurt anyone, can you?" 


"Exactly. Now go get your cereal and come up to the bedroom, I'm gonna show you the place I got," Derek said, giving Stiles a kiss before rushing upstairs. In the bedroom, Derek grabbed Stiles' laptop and got onto the bed, going to his Gmail and clicking the link he sent himself. He loved this place, it had everything he wanted, and hopefully Stiles will like it too. 

Stiles came up chewing his Cap'n Crunch, sitting crossed legged beside Derek, putting another spoon full in his mouth. Derek chuckled, shaking his head. "What?"

"Nothing," Derek said, chuckling more, "you're just so adorable with your crunch captains."

"They're Cap'n Crunch! Not crunch captain, that doesn't even sound right," Stiles said, putting another spoon full in his mouth.

"Oh, sorry, my bad," Derek said, chuckling and placing a kiss on Stiles' milk leaking mouth. "Anyway, this is the house that I sent an offer in, and trust me, it's an offer they can't resist. If you don't like it I can always cancel it. It has three bedrooms, and two full bathroom's and one half. It has TWO kitchens and one of them is in the basement along with one of the bedrooms and the half bathroom, I thought it would be nice for your dad if he ever needed a place to stay, I don't see why he would but it's always nice to have."

"I like the look of it," Stiles said nodding. "What about the master bedroom size?"

"It's huge," Derek said, clicking through the pictures to the bedroom. "And it has a walk in closet and a huge ensuite with a huge tub and shower, I thought you'd like that."

Stiles quickly nodded and taking his laptop, clicking through the photos. "Oh my god I love this house. Where is it?" 

"It's a couple blocks away from your dads house, which I thought you'd like too. It's on the outside of the woods, so the backyard is all woods, but that's how I like it. We don't really have neighbors, except for a old couple that lives down the street a little but I couldn't imagine them being a problem," Derek said. 

"So it's basically out in the middle of no where?" Stiles asked, getting a nod from Derek. "Cool... What's that?"

Derek looked where Stiles pointed, "that is like a guest house kinda, it's like a pool house."

"Ooh," Stiles said, "Wait! I know where this house is, I used to ride my bike by it when I was little. It wasn't that color though, it was like a red, that's why I remember it. I'm glad they changed it though, I mean I love the color red but not for a house."

"You and the color red," Derek said, chuckling as he shook his head. "Anyway, do you like it?" 

"I love! Could we go and look at it?" Stiles said, giving the puppy face.

"Yeah, tomorrow. I'll email the lady now," Derek said, taking the laptop back. Stiles smiled and put his bowl on the bedside table, going up behind Derek and wrapping his arms around him, watching as he typed to the real estate lady for scheduling an appointment tomorrow. "We need to hurry and pack though, we need to be out by Sunday night because they are tearing this place down Monday, so we have two days not counting today to get everything packed and move out before they come."

"Is that even possible?" Stiles asked, really doubting that they'd be able to able to get up and move in two days. 

"It will have to be. Now let's continue packing before it get's dark," Derek said, sending the email, closing the laptop and standing up, facing Stiles. Stiles scooted to him on his knees and stretched up, wrapping his arms around Derek's neck. Derek grabbed Stiles' waist and lifted him up so Stiles could wrap his legs around Derek's waist. "I love you Stiles."

"I love you too," Stiles said, giggling before leaning in and planting a huge kiss on Derek's lips. 

Hey guys! I hope you liked the first chapter of the third book of Little Red, Little Red! Not that much happened in this chapter because there's going to be some BIG stuff happening soon, so I have to build up to it! Anyways, vote if you liked it! See you in Chapter Two!

PS: Chapter Two will contain smut and I know I shouldn't have to warn you by now, but I'm going to anyway xD Alright, see ya!

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