Chapter 1 The infinite loop (1)

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The dazzling sunlight penetrated through the gaps in the curtains, and it was dawn for a long time.

Lin Xun looked at the clock, nine o'clock in the morning.

After typing the code all night, it was time to go to bed.

He exited the compiler, and at the same time, a news popped out on the top right of the computer screen.

Lin Xun rarely read the news, but this news was different, one of the keywords caught his attention.

The headline of the news was: "The Galaxy Group injected 30 million yuan for Lions company."  After clicking, the content matched with the title. After the Lions received 30-million-yuan investment, its founder met with the CEO of Galaxy to talk about the future development plan and look forward to the great revolution that is about to happen in the world, based on the artificial neural network engine.

Lin Xun clicked the "close" with a blank expression.

Lions is a team that has flourished in recent years, using neural networks as a gimmick, and has made a splash at a creative exhibition. Lin Xun knew the founder of Lions, and they had also dealt with each other during school. When Lin Xun graduated, the man invited him to join Lions, but Lin Xun didn't like Lions and refused.

In fact, what attracted his attention was not Lions, but the word "Galaxy".

That one, the CEO of Galaxy, the myth of the programming world, is his male god and the male god of most programmers.

His male god started from scratch, initially doing the Internet of Things, and later engaged in artificial intelligence. For several years, he has been standing in front of the times. The Galaxy has also become a technology empire that has taken root in all fields. Like someone said: "If there is no Galaxy, the era of the smart city will be at least two decades late."

——In short, the news meant that a person who Lin Xun looked down on not only got the opportunity to talk to his male god cordially, but also took 30 million yuan from his male god.  

Lin Xun thought that if the 30 million yuan were for him, he would certainly be able to do better than Lions.  

After being jealous for a while, Lin Xun began to have a headache, and the blood vessels at the temple jumped, which was the aftereffect of typing the code overnight. But just as he was about to leave the computer desk and went to sleep, the ringtone of the mobile phone suddenly sounded, a strange number.

He has received too many calls recently.

The landlord who urged him to pay the rent, the water and electricity bill arrears notification...all annoyed him, because if he still had money, he would buy at least a dozen energy drinks, so that he should not be so sleepy.

Lin Xun picked up the phone: "Hello."

A sweet female voice across the phone: "Hello, is this Mr. Lin Xun?"


"Hello Mr. Lin, this is Paper-cut Network Technology Co., Ltd. For your "Luo Shen" model, after two rounds of discussion, we think it is not in line with our company's development strategy, at the same time, nor ..."

Lin Xun leaned on the back of the chair and rubbed his eyebrows, realizing that his voice was a little dumb: "Okay, sorry for bother you."

Just after the phone call, someone opened the door of his room, and a round head peeped into the door and asked, "How is it? Which company? Are we hopeful?"

This person's name is Wang Anquan, he is a friend and partner of Lin Xun. He was wearing a green plaid shirt and was fat. He has the typical programmer looks, but he looks a little slippery because of his small eyes.

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