Getting a Date

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Hello! I tried something new and wrote his in mostly Elizabeth's point of view so let me know which way you prefer if you have a preference.

Also, I tend to use nicknames for Elizabeth a lot as it's fun and kinda gives everyone their own way to say her name. Here's a list just as a refresher if you were curious. I've also included undecided for Bill and Charlie as they haven't been introduced.I also am not sure if I gave one for Ginny go I'm just putting one 😂

Bill: Tiny

Charlie: Undecided

Percy: Elizabeth

Fred: Ellie-Bear

George: Lizzie

Ron: E

Ginny: El

Hermione: Beth

Harry: Bee

Draco: Lil/Lil sis

Now on with the story.

And sorry if the gifs don't work :(

~Elizabeth's POV~

After the task Ron and Harry finally made up. Luckily for Hermione and I as we don't have to split up to decide who goes with who anymore.

Awhile later we were all sitting together at breakfast when I see Harry looking at me from the corner of my eye. When I look fully at him he spills his drink from his mouth. I gasp slightly and quickly used a drying spell on him and smiles at him, hoping he wasn't too embarrassed but the red tint on his cheeks stated he was.

Luckily Ron didn't see or else he'd question it, or not he isn't the best at observing.

A little while later I see a young boy approach holding a package.

"Parcel for you Mr Weasley." He spoke as he came forward.

"Thank you Nigel."

Nigel is gazing at Harry. Slightly expecting if I may say. I wonder what he is thinking.

"Not now Nigel. Later. Go on." Ron says dismissively.

Nigel leaves.

"I told him I'd get him Harry's autograph.
Oh look mum's sent me something. Mum
sent me a dress?" I cover my mouth slightly, that looks um... very unique.

"Well it does match your eyes. Is there a bonnet?"

"E these must be for you."

"No I don't think so... it wouldn't fit me." I spoke quickly trying to get out of it, I really didn't want to wear it.

" It must be for Ginny then..."

"I'm not wearing that it's ghastly." Ginny says from down the table.

Hermione laughs making us look at her confused.

"What are you on about?" Ron questioned

"They're not for Ginny they're for you! Dress robes."

"Dress robes? for what?"

"Who knows." Elizabeth said while shrugging.

~In A Empty Classroom~

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