Kidnapped and Found 8 Years Later

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So my name is Rachelle and i'm seventeen years young. I'm in the eleventh grade.

I don't have any siblings so that's kind of hard on me. My dad passed away when i was only nine years old and my mom is always working out of town so i'm alone most of the time.

I started going to this new school about a year ago because my mom wanted me to look out for my eighty year old grandma who may not have that much longer to live.

I only check on my grandma about three times a week because everytime i go over her house she's always about to call the cops on me because she doesn't remember who i am. 

It sucks when the only family member you live close to doesn't even remember who you are.

I like to think that i'm a pretty girl. I have blonde hair with black underneath and i have light blue eyes.

When i first started going to this school all the guys would quickly come over to me and introduce themselves and tell me how pretty i was and all the girls would just give me these evil stares.

I've always been a shy girl so i don't really talk to people that much or even let people get close to me because it seems everytime i let someone get close to me they disappear.

I started talking to this guy Marcus as a freind because he didn't seem like all the other jerks around here.

Marcus actually wanted to get to know me instead of trying to hook up with me. We were friends for a couple of months but then his girlfriend Mona started to get jealous so she made up this nasty rumor about me.

Mona started telling everyone i was born a boy. When i first heard about it i started laughing because i didn't think anyone would actually believe it.

Then Mona started talking to people from my old school and ran into my ex boyfriend Ryan.

While i was dating him, i sent him a naked picture of me. I know it was stupid and i regret doing it but i never thought he would show anyone because i believed he actually did love me.

Well Ryan end up sending the pictures to Mona and she photo shopped them to make it look like i had a guys part. 

I was so embarassed and didn't want to go to school for the longest time but my mom called me everyday and called the school to make sure i was going so i really had no choice.

Everyone in school would start calling me all kinds of names and they would just be really nasty to me.

Now i was down to a total of zero friends. I was always home alone with nobody to talk to.

There were times where i thought about comitting suicide but i was always too scared to go through with it.

I tried calling my friends from my old school a few times to check up on them and see how they been and really just for someone to talk to but they all ignored my calls.

Guess that just goes to show what kind of friends they really were.


I thought today was going to be just like any other day but boy was i wrong.

When i woke up i took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and walked to school.

School was the usual. Either people would just totally ignore me or they would start making fun of me.

After school i started walking home and when i was just a few steps from my house, an older  guy approached me and started asking me all kinds of questions.

I thought it was weird because he was asking me questions like, You live here and you're parents arent home right? and What do you like to do for fun?. 

I was creeped out so i told the man i needed to go check on my grandma and then i started walking away from him but then he quickly grabbed my arm.

He had a gun to my waist and told me if i make any noise that he would kill me. He then told me to get in his truck so i did because i was terrified.

He then started to drive off so i asked him where he was taking me and he then gave me an evil smile and told me not to worry about it.

It was quite for awhile and out of nowhere the man said, i've been watching you so i knew this would be the perfect time to snatch  you up.

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