24 | Sense and Insensibility

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By the time the bell rang to mark the end of first period, it seemed like the entire upper school had seen Taliana half-naked

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By the time the bell rang to mark the end of first period, it seemed like the entire upper school had seen Taliana half-naked. And much to Sebastian's chagrin, it was now all they could talk about.

"A rap sheet, nude shots... What's next? A full-on porno? That girl is out of control."

"Dude, she may be out of control, but at least she's hot. I mean, yeah, she's kinda lacking in the tits department, but Christ, those legs! No wonder Phillips claimed her for himself."

"Did you see that ad she did for her mother's fashion house? I hear these were the test shots."

"No way! Her mother let her pose like that?"

"Well duh, they're both huge sluts. Everybody knows that."

"Ew, she's like disgustingly skinny. Look at those hip bones. So gross! Ugh, I don't see why Sebastian's dating her."

"They don't even look good together. He and Blair were perfect though, don't you think?"

"I think he would have been perfect with me."

"Pft, yeah right. We would have been amazing together. Too bad he only has eyes for Stick Girl."

"Well, I heard she's cheating on him with Richardson. Trisha told me that Jenny totally saw them getting all cozy at Discotheque M the other night. I think they ended up going home together!"

"Please, that's old news. Didn't you hear she's pregnant with Jacob's child? She took these pictures for him so he could remember what she looked like before she got fat. When she threatened to tell Seb that Jacob was the father, he sent the pics to everyone."

"What a whore!"

Taliana's face had turned a very unflattering shade of red as soon as they'd stepped out of Miss Cohen's classroom, and once again she looked like she was a heartbeat away from committing a murder.

"I swear to God," Taliana mumbled, glaring at anyone who had the nerve to look her way. "If another person says something else about me, I'm going to--"

Unfortunately, her threat was cut short by the voice of the headmaster's secretary over the intercom.

"Taliana Avilla, please report to Headmaster Hawthorne's office. Taliana Avilla, to the Headmaster's office."

The girl in question hissed a curse under her breath before turning to him. "Great, now I have to go face the Penguin."

"I'd offer to come with you," Sebastian began, "but my sense of self-preservation is too strong. Sorry, Stick Girl."

She elbowed him in the ribs for that, but the blow wasn't nearly as hard as he knew she was capable of.

"Asshole." He watched as she blew out a breath, ruffling her dark hair. "Don't celebrate too much if I get expelled."

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