Chapter 74: Clove

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I get to go 'home' today. Basically I'm still stuck in the Capitol but I can go back to sleeping with Cato and having a 'normal' life. I wake up suddenly and feel the cold floor under me. I look up on the bed, Katniss is asleep, maybe happily.

"Good morning" I say to myself and Katniss starts to stir. Her eyes flutter open and she struggles to sit up. He bed is covered in dried blood and it's gross. She was beat a couple days ago as a part of her 'rehab' and she's been sleeping since it, and when Peeta came to visit her. Thinking of Peeta makes me sad, He hated Katniss and tried to kill her but look at where she is now, happily married again.

"Are you okay?" I ask checking on her back, which is badly cut from the whip they used to beat her with. She's stopped bleeding and it's starting to scab over. It looks a lot better.

"I guess. So, you get to get away from here?" she asks, still trying to find a comfortable spot. I smile lightly.

"I'll still be stuck in the Capitol and I can see you everyday until you're 'free' but yeah, I guess"  I say sadly. Then a  knock breaks our small-talk. I look at the door nervously, it opens slowly. 2 peace-keepers walk in and I start to shake, I can't do this.

"Clove Sevina, you are now free" they say in unison, luckily they don't grab me as I walk out slowly. Outside of the door is Cato. I squeal and hop into his arms. We do a classic 'romantic spin' and I kiss him softly. I look around nervously, people are watching. He lets me down softly and we walk away quickly.

"I missed you" he says stopping me and pressing me against the wall, gently. I smile and and he kisses me repeatedly. I look down when we separate and he holds me close again.

"I just want to sleep, I want to just leave, this whole life" I say sadly, but still smiling. He nods almost disappointed and he laughs. He leads me down some of Snow's hall-ways and to what I'd guess is his room. It's a sort of deep blue with dark brown furniture. I jump onto the bed and start to strip under the covers. I throw my clothes, except for my underwear and somehow one sock and curl around Cato tightly.

"Wait I need to take a shower, I don't like stinking" I say quietly. I walk quickly to the bathroom, hoping he doesn't see too much and turn on the water, to freezing cold. I get goosebumps just expecting the cold water and strip off my other sock and underwear. I slip into the frigid shower and sigh. Time to freeze off my worries. 

I start to wash my hair, can I just get rid of it? I start to think about what I'd be like bald and I shutter, no thanks. I rinse out the rest of my shampoo and lather in some lavender conditioner. I wash my face and arms quickly. And rinse them with the now slightly warm water. I rinse out the shampoo and turn off the water. I step out of my the shower and grab a dark blue towel and dry myself off.

"Clove can I get in?" Cato asks but ends up opening the door before I can say yes or no. I squeal and try to cover myself quickly. He laughs at me but stop quickly, he's seen. I look away and try to pull my towel close.

"Clove what did they do to you?" he says firmly, as if to warn me to be honest. I look at him carefully, analyzing his anger levels and sigh. 

"They were beating Katniss and I couldn't just watch them so I tried to get in their way and distract them. They ended up beating me and they lost it. Katniss was too weak and so I was basically alone in a room with two guards and their steel rods" I say shuttering lightly. "I'm fine though" I say calming, since Cato's turning red with rage.

I look at him carefully and he turns me over gently, to look at my back. He runs his hand down my mostly bruised and sore back. It's not nearly as bad a Katniss' and there aren't many actually cuts or gashes but it still looks bad. He hugs me from behind, since I'm pretty much naked it feels weird.

"Sorry, I'll let you get dressed" Cato says probably noticing my blush. He walks out slowly and I slip on my underwear and a new tank-top, who cares about the rest I just want to sleep. I jump onto Cato and kiss him lightly. His hands slip to my waist and he rolls me over next to him. I snuggle up to him and slowly drift to sleep. But I can't.

"Cato" I say quietly, he might be asleep. He stirs a little and opens his eyes, startled and now fully awake. He looks at me alarmed and examines me carefully, most likely looking for injuries. I smile lightly and he sighs.

"What did you need?" he says holding me close. I feel his hand stroke my hair lightly and close my eyes to relax a little. I try focus but my head feels so nice, even if it's wet from washing my hair.

"Do you remember the meeting we had before Coin was killed? The one about have a Hunger Games for the Capitol?" I ask awkwardly. He looks at me, almost surprised, and nods.

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