Chapter 1

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••~chapter 1~••

Tracy's p.o.v.

Hi! Im tracy 18 years old and still living with my mom and annoying little sister mylie. Usualy i hang out with best friend alexandria we call her alex and by we i meen ur group not to bragg or anything but we are the populare ones i know i know its hard to belive but ok fine were not populare but were not geeks or loosers ethier were in the middle

Ok so any ways alex and i are like twins but.with different names and familes and all that shes all up in the omg one direction is so amaZAYN and stuff i geuss i kinda just think there cute i geuss there music is ok it dosent burst my ear drums like justin beiber

'Tracy are you ready' alex texts me

'yea r u here yet' i reply

Honk honk comes from out side "bye mom i yell as i run out the door jumping in the beat up old red truck "hey alex so can you tell me were we are going yet

"sure but wait till were away from your house so you cant back down" she says with a giggle

By time were about 10 or 20 minutes away she says "ok were going to thr one direction consert sckreeech!" She screems in my ear

"ok thank god i brought my head phones" i say as she pull them out of my hand and tosses them out the window

"dont be so rude geez" she sounded annoyed


When we get out of the car my ear.drums burst with screams as a limo pulls up and the hotest thing walks out and im just mesmerized he has long hair purfectly curly and a little gel in it.

"thats harry. Harry styles" he looks over and our eyes meet.


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