Warning: violence yada yada. Don't read if you dont want to. It describes her past of alcohol/drugs

Pov Cass

I still have the card in my bag. I already know it's from mum, why the fuck is she writing now?Probably needs more money to fuel her drug addiction. I remember being in school and the teachers telling us the genetic factor about drugs, how the possibility of addiction increases when one of your parents are one. They would tell you "not even once" or "just say no"... But what do you do when your Dad offers you some and tells you it'll bring you joy. When your mum offers you a smoke while she sits out on the back porch and tells you not to eat as much. What do you do when your parents are so high, you're there locked in your bedroom as you hear your dad make death threats.

I remember the day my dad left, I have few memories from when I was younger... but the ones I have are all awful. They're of my mum giving me verbal abuse and my Dad forgetting me at school convincing me to not be twat, and to suck it up and join the old man. I hated them both, but at least my mum fed me and clothed me... well she's in fucking europe right now.

The day my dad left me, is the day I grabbed his old stash of vodka and climbed to the roof. It was the day I finally gave in and lost it all. My dad slapped my mother in the face and in return she threw her curling iron. He grabbed her and beat her.

He grabbed his wallet and leather jacket and was out the door. He laughed at us for being fucking fools, and he took off. Mum until 3 years ago was in a state of drunken stupor and only went to the AA meetings after they shut the power off twice for not paying the bills in time. Which is ironic, since isn't that the reason I'm going to Michael's? To get drunk.

I pull out the card and decide not to read it, this is me starting afresh. I tear the card into pieces letting it fall into my bag among broken eyeliner pencils and gum wrappers.

"What'cha doing babe?"

I turn around to see Calum opening the door

"Oh, nothing, just checking my messages" I say

"Oh okay, ready to go to Michael's?" He says buckling and adjusting the mirror

"yup" I nod

"Soo, I was thinking about the whole bill thing and I think you should get emancipated. I'm sorry for being so forward and doing this behind your back... but there's a job if you want it. The diner is willing to hire you and if you agree you can have an apartment, still go to school and you would be able to eat breakfast and dinner for free at the diner." He looks at me waiting for me to react

"Really?!?" I say

"Yep, I saw the notice Cass" He says " I know you have problems, and I really need you to tell me about them. Mali knows, but she won't say anything. Okay, you know evetually the drugs will run out.  I'm not some professional, but I will help. I know it's gonna be along process, okay. Just little by little yeah?"

"What do you mean?"

"Hand me the smokes, okay. I know you don't need them, and I know there's beer at Michael's... but no more than one. easy enough?"

I nod "yeah, calum are we friends yet?"

"Cass, if you don't know by now then I must be doing a shit job. I've been your friend since the moment I got you that glass of water and you told me why you wore those pink slipper"

"yeah?" I say

"yeah" he says back. He turns into Michael's house and I see them all inside.

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