Chapter 13

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The boy came back a few minutes later and introduced himself to Louis as Ed with a warm voice. Rolling up Louis' sleeve, he unwrapped the syringe and took off the cap of the needle before he sterilised the skin and slowly inserted the needle a few inches above his wrist.

Louis shivered as he felt the metal pull out of his skin, trying not to let the tears escape his eyes. It was the type of tears that came for no reason, and he wasn't a person to want to be viewed as weak, even if he was as submissive as could be.

"Are you okay baby?" Harry asked, wrapping his arms around Louis' small frame. He rested his chin on Louis' hair and bent is neck to kiss his head.

"Yeah, I'm just really nervous. This shot is going to determine my future." He said, venom in his voice as he said my, because he truly had no idea what would happen after this, or if he was going through it alone.

" Our future love." Harry said, leaning back to kiss Louis straight on the mouth, laying his hand flat on Louis' stomach. "I'm not leaving you. No matter what happens."

Louis moved his head to the crook of Harry's neck, letting out a quiet sob.

"I love you so much sir." Louis said, wishing he could call Harry by his name, but knowing he never would.

"I love you too, Louis." Harry said quietly, confused as to why Louis was being so affectionate. He detached himself from Louis, ignoring the whine of protest that came from the smaller boy, and wiped under his eyes.

"Don't you think it's about time to look at your arm, love?" Harry asked, trying to look at Louis' arm, which had wrapped itself around the boys stomach out of instinct.

"Go ahead." Louis said, shrugging.

Harry giggled, "I would if I could." He giggled again, smiling as he saw Louis look down in surprise.

"Oh." He said before unwrapping his arms from around himself. "Sorry."

Harry didn't answer, instead looking down at Louis' wrist. He smiled, and Louis didn't know what that meant, because he had never gotten the guts to ask if Harry wanted a baby or not.

"You're not pregnant." Harry said happily, jumping in his spot giddily.

Louis' face crumbled as his knees gave out, leaving him a sobbing mess of tears on the floor.


They had driven home in silence, Louis sitting in the passengers seat with silent tears rolling down his face, he adorned a blank expression as he stared down at the fading black vein in his arm. There was no way things would be the same after this. Even though he hadn't known he was possibly pregnant for long, he had already become attached to the idea of a swollen tummy and aching feet. Harry on the other hand was joyful, sitting in the drivers seat, blissfully ignorant to the crying Louis beside him. But that could only go on for so long.


A few weeks had passed, Louis growing more depressed as the days went by, and Harry becoming less and less able to ignore how truly sad his submissive was. It was quite obvious to everyone around them that things had gone wrong, and that they were definitely not on the track to getting any better.

Louis had stopped fiddling with his collar, instead tugging at it like it was burning his skin. He would hold his stomach like there was a child growing in there, and speaking to the skin that had gotten sunken in from his days of not eating. His cheeks weren't glowing and his nail paint was chipped. He was a shell of his former self, even if it had only been a few short weeks without the hope of a child.

On week four of the couple growing apart further, Louis was found in the bathroom of the house he had once wanted to call a home, trying to cut the lock off of his collar, which had shown just how far gone he was considering that he was quite a smart boy, and the blue tubes of his collar were rubber. It was then that the person who had found this mess of a human being, Liam, decided that it was time for the pairing to separate, and for them to find other people to be with. It was for the best of course.


"Harry, we need to talk about something." Liam said solemnly, sitting down on the couch with a two months pregnant Niall beside him.

"Hm? What would that be?" Harry asked, smiling at him with a strange look in his eyes.

"Well, I found Louis in the bathroom the other day, trying to cut off his collar." Liam said nonchalantly, hugging Niall to himself.

Harry gasped, the dazed look in his eyes fading into a crazed one. "Who the fuck does that little slut think he is? I never told him to take it off." He growled, storming out of the room to find Louis. He banged open each door he walked by, finding Louis curled up sobbing to himself on the floor in their bedroom.

"Get up, slut. You need punishment." He said seriously, yanking Louis up by his arm and throwing him on the bed so he was laying flat on his stomach. Pulling off his clothes with little struggle, he fingered the boy open quickly and shoved himself inside, the shrill screams of the smaller one being ignored. He walked across the room and quietly opened the drawers, smiling manically to himself as he grabbed the tiny sharp object and a thick cord of rope. Spanking just wasn't harsh enough, this seemed more appropriate.

He walked back over to Louis, dragging the back of the metal object up his spine. Turning it over, he dragged it softly to the boy's shoulder blade where he began to carve, deep enough to leave a scar.

'H' it read messily after he licked up the blood, completely deaf to the small boys screams as he dropped the knife to the ground and tied his arms tightly behind his back, shoving him into the closet.

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