Chapter 9:

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***This chapter is somewhat of a filler chapter, so I kinda rushed through it.****

A hand on my shoulder breaks me from my thoughts. I quickly spinning around, facing Siyang as he looks at me in confusion.

"Were you just talking to someone?" He asks me.

"Yeah, a guy was here. He said to give you this." I say, handing Siyang the roll of tape.

"He said his name was Ji Jingwu," I say, as my mind goes back to thinking about the handsome boy.

"Oh, I wish I would have seen him. He's a good friend." Siyang tells me.

"So... does he go to our Yu Qing too?" I ask, full of hope, as Siyang leads me into the house.

The next day, Mr. Han picked up Siyang and me, driving us to school. We got many stares when we pulled up. Students crowded around, wanting to see who had arrived.

There were many shocked faces when I stepped out of the car. Mostly, it was the boys who stared, which kind of made me uncomfortable.

"Siyang, hurry up. All these guys are staring and it's making me uncomfortable." I beg as Siyang climbs out after me.

As he climbs out, I could hear all the students begin to whisper, questioning who I was and why I was arriving with Siyang.

Siyang looked around, taking notice of the guys staring at me. He grabbed my hand, pulling me into the school.

I allow Siyang to pull me through the school, as I tried to ignore the stares as all of the students watched us pass by. That's the one thing my school in England could never get me used to, having me be used to being the center of attention. In small groups, I was fine, but being the new girl at a new school, that was too much attention for me to handle.

Luckily, we quickly made it to the principles office, where Siyang dropped me off before heading to his class. Luckily, a teacher was already there waiting for me, so I was left to fend for myself.

"Oh, You must be Yu Ying Yue. Your grandfather already called ahead and we have your schedule all set." Says a female teacher as she rushed over with a pile of papers for me.

"Thank you," I say, bowing respectfully to her

"I'll walk you to your class. Let's go."She says as she walks towards the door.

The teacher and I both exit the office, and I then follow her through the building. When we arrive outside of a classroom, she knocks softly on the door before sliding it open and walking inside.

"I have your new student, Mr. (random teacher name, or RTM for short). Come on in, sweety." The teacher tells me.

I slowly step into the room, softly smiling when I see Siyang seated in the back corner of the room. Grandfather had already told me I'd be in Siyang's classes, but I was still excited to be attending school with my best friend.

 I walk up to the teacher, bowing to him in respect.

"Hello, sir," I say, as he shakes my hand.

The female teacher leaves, leaving me to the class. I look around the room, once again feeling slightly intimidated by all the people staring at me.

"Why don't you introduce yourself to the class, tell us something about yourself, and then you can go take a seat at any of the available seats." The teacher tells me.

I nod my head, facing the class once more. I take a deep breath, remembering all of the things I learned back in England. Stand tall, head straight, and smile brightly. Be a perfect lady.

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