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"Hello! And welcome back to Keeping it A Milli with Millz!" I smile looking towards the camera. On today's episode we had our very first guest and I was pretty excited.

"So for today's episode we have our very first special guest! This person is someone that I've actually been watching for years and I had the pleasure of becoming their friend a few years back when I had first started my YouTube channel, so please give a warm welcome to our favorite YouTuber Ms. Emma Chamberlain!" I cheer.

"Oh please, don't make me feel like royalty here." Emma laughs. "Why not? I absolutely adore you, but you already knew that. I think I've embarrassed myself enough in front of you, first time I ever met you I made a shit show out of myself."

"You did, didn't you. But I thought it was cute? I really did."

"You fucking liar no you didn't! I know you were like why is this girl this way, but I honestly couldn't even tell you, I really couldn't." I say, shaking my head.

"By the way, I know a lot of y'all are like... what are these two weirdos talking about, we are talking about when we first met at vidcon back in like, 2017? Or 2016?" Emma ask me. "It was 2017 because I had turned 14 that year. That was almost 4 years ago, damn time flies by when you go through traumatic life events." I joke.

Emma slapped her hand over her mouth to contain her laugh but I knew she couldn't hold it much longer and neither could I.

"I'm sorry, dark humor! I use it to my advantage."

"You sure do, because what the fuck! That came from nowhere." Emma tells me. I shrug my shoulders but we continued on with our conversation.

The podcast recording lasted another hour and a half until we finally got done talking.

Me and Emma went out to lunch after with Mila and then I came back home a bit later on after.

Mila stayed out with Emma and I was at the house just editing some photos that I promised I'd help Nessa with.

Time obviously got the best of me because two hours of me editing passed when I got a FaceTime call.

Vinnie's name flashed across my screen, making a slight smile creep it's way onto my face but it was quick to leave when I swiped the green answer button.

"What do you want from me Vincent." I say once he comes into view.

"First of all, hello to you to ? And second, stop calling me that." He says, rolling his eyes.

"But that's your name though? Am I supposed to always call you Vinnie like... I'm not understanding."

"Yes.. that's exactly what you're supposed to call me because that's what I go by." He states matter of factly. I just shake my head as I continued to edit my photos.

"So what have you been doing all day that you can so easily ignore my text?"

"I've been working. I had to film a podcast today and I did it with my first guest. And when did you text me? I didn't get any notifications all day." I questioned.

" I texted like an hour ago? And you didn't respond." He states, looking up from his computer.

"Not you clocking me." I joking say, to which he scoffs.

"You asked!" He retorts.

"I'm joking!"

The sound of my room door opening, startled me as I jumped in my spot only to see Nessa and Mila walking in my room.

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