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it's short and I hope it leaves you with many, many questions for when the story really kicks in! I'm very, very excited about it so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

I'll try not to put author's notes on every chapter, just to make the reading smoother.

On the multimedia, a picture of how I imagine our main character, Paige, to look like.

Bel, xx



    I think there was a rope, or maybe it was pills, it is not clear to me. I can barely remember because the world was spinning and it feels like it happened a billion years ago. I remember the screams, all inside my head. Hurtful words that keep pushing me and pushing me. Far and farther.

In all my life I never did anything to anyone. I always minded my own business and people didn't notice me, unless it was to make me the most miserable creature on Earth.

I think there was a kitty crying, a new member in this small family. Just some desperate attempt Mum had tried to help me to cope. It kept meowing, adding to the chaos in my mind.

I remember I wanted it to stop. I remember I just wanted everyone to stop screaming at me, telling me what to do. I just wanted to be left alone.

I remember the salty flavour in my mouth. I think it was tears. I can't really remember. I was choking on my own agony.

As time passes by it gets harder and harder to remember that day. The pain, the hatred, the desperation, and the despair. I don't remember what I did, I just remember I wanted it all to stop. Nothing else mattered.

But that was long ago. I've moved on. Whatever I really did, it worked. People stopped pestering me, calling me names and pushing me to the floor. People even stopped looking at me when they found out.

I was finally in peace. I could finally hear my own thoughts instead of other's insults. No one bothered me, no one hurt me, no one saw me and I couldn't have it any other way.

I was free from them.

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