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i really can't stand it when people have really high and impossible expectations of others, especially if it's based on one fucking thing. like it makes me so riled up i could just slap them with a salmon.

i just can't stand it at all like i think it's because i can understand how it feels but really you should not fucking do that. humans should never expect anything remotely impossible from a person who has half given up.

or anyone in fact.

you're just putting a shit ton of unnecessary stress on them and they're just gonna buckle under pressure and the vicious part starts.

the process is like high expectations - stress - buckling under pressure / messing up - disappointment from people around them - feeling that self is worthless and a letdown - sad people : (

you see how it works? it's actually kind of scary if you think about it. one mistake and the entire cycle starts. if people ever have too high expectations of you, if you feel like you can tell them, do tell them about how their putting too much unnecessary stress on you.

this rant was really personal because i really feel that i have to get this out of my system cause i've been keeping it for way too long. please don't put unnecessary pressure on anyone; life's hard enough.

peace out girl scouts,

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