~RoSerb headcanons~

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• Serbia once fell through the ice one day when she was out with Russia on a large frozen lake. It was thanks Russia's scarf that he and a few bystanders were able to pull her out to safety. Despite that Serbia still enjoys going on the ice.

• Russia to do Serbia hair, Belarus likes to do the makeup{yes Belarus is good at it} when Ukraine dresses her up

• if you ask the baltics about "what's up with Russia taking a bath with Serbia? she's a girl!" They'll tell you the same thing "Russia often makes Serbia bathe with him because he likes the company"
[if you forgot what she looks like: She has long thick brunette hair, beige colored skin, and hazelish eyes. Height: 5'6" - 5'7"]

• If Serbia is being hit one by another nation, Russia gets very protective. Usually ending up with a black aura coming from him, and part of his scarf loosely around her neck. Serbia laughing nervously, praying that said nation is going to be somewhat ok.

• Whenever Serbia is pissed at Ivan, she'll take his key to his vodka storage, and take his most cherished vodka and pour it into the stink while stare him the the eye the whole time. If she have too, she'll go as to shipping in all the way across the globe so he'll have to take a plane retake it.

• Whenever Russia pops in on Serbia for a surprise visit, he always tries to go for the little bowl of hard candy she has on her coffee table. When he tries to steal it she'll slap his hand, and scold him like an unruly child

• once Serbia came over to visit Russia for the weekend so He made Serbia sleep in his bed with him when Lithuania went to wake up Russia he was quite shocked to find Serbia in Russia's arms protectively as they slept.

• One valentine day Serbia was hanging with Russia and vending machine fell on her in public, citizens rushed over only to be shocked that Ivan lifting the Vending machine revealing a still living Srenbrenka .
{Ivan did not bring her to the hospital cuz, immortally and the nations regenerate}.

• when sleeping someone, Russia acts like a big teddy-bear and snuggles with the person throughout the night, Serbia found that out when she stayed over his house and ever since then, anytime Serbia stays over Russia carries her to his bed and snuggles her the whole night.

• the first time Serbia went to Russia's house he introduced her to his family and the baltic's of his country then later took her Ice skating and later beat her at Tetris.

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