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A/N: writers block again so here take some headcanons

[kurokonobasuke crossover] once, because Singapore was depressed, Indonesia and Malaysia took her to a basketball game and was standing to see and had gotten bumped and fell into the basket ball court, thus, grabbing on to Kuroko's pants trying to get her balance and pull them down instead.

• [Kill la Kill crossover] If the hetalia characters were the Kill La Kill cast Iran would be Ryuugo and Iraq Satsuki, France the perverted teacher

• Iran hates to admit it but the first Europe nation Iran met was.... France

• Denmark cant enter normally . He ALWAYS bursts through the doors.

• Russia adored the Romanovs, especially Anastasia and Alexei. They always asked him to left them up because they felt like they were flying due to the fact he was so tall. They loved him no matter his past and it killed him when he had to murder them. Its his biggest regret

• None of the nations are completely sane. Every so often they'll slip to their "dark side" which is always present in them. (Its caused through wars}.

• Israel has a secret crush on Iran.

• Every once and awhile Canada doesn't mind being invisible, he hasn't once been caught speeding.

• Turkey owns an actual flying carpet. Which he takes on a Joyride with Iraq every once and awhile.

• once after GA The tomboy club used the band room and had Serbia sing freaks by the royals while Ireland played the guitar{learned for Iggy} and Hungary the second guitar Belgium did the electro keyboard and while having so much fun{musical talent too} nations started following the music and sat and watched them so now every GA prom they're the band that plays.

•If yoi think England and France's fighting is bad, you should have seen their mothers go at it. Britannia{British isle's mother} and Gaul{Frances mother} would throw punches, bite and pull hair that is until Persia would attempt to brake them apart. The only think worse then the two of the, fighting is the two working together.

• the Ancients often get into arguments over who is a barbarian and who is not. That being said, rome likes to call whoever upsets him a barbarian, no matter who it is.

• Ireland is lucky so a lot of times the BTT use her to pull something thinking it'll work it doesn't cuz Ireland chooses who her luck is rubbed on thats it.

• All the female nations throw a big, girls only slumber party at least once a month, they take turns hosting it in their respective nations, they end up having lots of fun.
{OC's too... Yes that means Iran+Iraq}

• Nations cannot truly love each other. Because loving requires putting the other before yourself and the nations always have to their own people first.

• As a rule, most landlocked nations are pretty horrible at swimming.

• America is trying to get Molossia'sfowl mouth under control.

• once at a meeting France and England were fighting, which was clearly annoying Germany so before Germany could yell Honduras loaded her twin Beretta Brigadier .40 and shoot both of the in the head and simply said "Germany asy you were saying?" so now everyone knows Germany's given her full permission to shoot anyone disturbing the meeting.

• All the older germanic nations treat Liechtenstein like little princess.l

• All nations are hoarders... Except Iraq because looking at it just hurts and she cant bare it specially how her big sister tried to distant herself along time ago.

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