Chapter 12

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As soon as we are done with breakfast. I let Ty sit on the sofa first and watch TV in the living room while i take a shower so we can go to the cave as soon as possible. I was reaching for the doorknob and i can feel my heart beating fatser. That accident. It was just a silly accident. But i took it too personal. I thought there was something. Oh God now i feel anxious all about this. And probably have tromatized by now everytime i open every bathroom door. I got in the bathroom and as i was inside i remembered that "always lock the door" because sh*t will get crazy again if it wasnt locked again.
The shower wasnt that long. I dont take long showers though. After im done showering i rinse myself with my soft,baby blue towel that i got on my birthday. I know, towels as gifts for birthdays isnt that "exciting" but i always keep in mind is that "its the thought that counts". I got in my room and put on my clothes. As soon as i was done with that i quickly grabbed my things and rushed downstairs. I can see chip crumbs on the floor. "Wtf Ty why?" I asked him. He got chip crumbs on his cheeks also. His mouth is stuffed with chips. And chips everywhere. "What?" He asked as if he didnt do anything. " why are you eating my chips? You just got breakfast." I told him. I almost raised my voice at him but then i told myself to calm. "Uhh... Chips are my thing so yeah... Even though im full im always ready for chips. Sorry." He gave me a sad look on his face. I didnt say anything. I just stay quiet for awhile. He reached something on his pocket. He got atleast 10$ on his hand and he was going to give it to me. I shooked. "Whats that for?" I asked him before i take the money. "This is for the chips. Heh... Sorry." He replied with him still eating his bag of chips on his hand. I insisted. Actually im not really mad for that. He can eat all the chips all he wants. Everyone has a dream. And i think this is his dream. To eat chips until he is happy. He is actually cute while eating his chips like wow. "Please dont take this seriously. You can eat chips here as long as youre happy okay?" I told him. He gave me a bright smile as if he was saying "really?!". I nodded at him.
"You know you shouldnt be eating chips right now.. Because we need to go." I told him. He looked at his watch and he almost choked. He puts the bag of chips in his bag and grabbed my arm. We are running to work. I locked the door before i forgot and we dashed together.

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