My Boo Tha Best

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Heyy guys im so srry I havent been updating recently ...but dont worry im back :)


I got off the plane, to where i say a red carpet ahead of me leading to a limo......I walked over to it  and the driver opened the door."Good Night my lady ur prince awaits." All i did was smile. When i got in i saw a next note on the seat it said ' Your here , when u get to ur destination you'll see rose petals follow them and see where they lead you! ;)  -Devon' I was all smile i really wondered what he had up his sleeves. The limo came to a stop and the driver came and opened the door.It was a beautiful mansion. Idk whos it is but is beautiful......I walk up the step to the door and i was just tinking about Devon and how zweet he was fo doing all this for me...As i opened the door i say the rose petals.....I followed them and there he was the love of my life.


Maury looks so stunning ,shes jus so beautiful she takes my breathe away. " You look amazing my love." I said to her as i walked up to her. " Awww thank you, thanks to u." she said smiling. We walked to the roof where the big dinner was happening. When we arrived i could see the tears forming in ber eyes ,i had to admit i did a great job this was beautiful. I pulled her chair out as she sat. I went to my side and held her hand she was about to cry! I kissed her hand and she smiled " Soo did u enjoy all my suprises?"  she smiled at me before she could answer " Ofcourse i did , this is the most romantic thing any guy has every done for me I love u sooo sooo much." She leaned in and kissed me so passionately  i knew it was true .

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