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We walked into this house, no knock or anything, and it was niggas everywhere. Smoking, rolling up, chilling with a broad, or playing the game. They spoke to Trina and when I looked at her she broke eye contact with some boy then stormed off.

"I think she mad" somebody said causing them all to laugh, I just shook my head and followed behind her.

"You straight" I asked once I caught up with her but she just ignored me as the door we stood in front of opened. I was at a lost of words as I stared at him.

"Whats wrong sis?" He asked Trina. She buried herself into his chest and cried and he rubbed her back "Go sit down" he said. I crossed my arms and stared at him how I did Tay this morning. "Girl go sit yo hardheaded ass down" he said but this time I listened. I sat in HIS seat.

They left out the room and I started messing with shit just because that's how I am. I went through his drawers of his file cabinet. I didn't find nothing to my interest except a remote control. I grabbed it and turned on the tv that hang from the front of the room.

After what seemed like forever, they came back in and Trina was smiling. "What's your name ma?" He asked and I took the time to take in his features. He was tall, about 5'10, he was light bright of course but like Trina, you can tell he mixed with something. He had nice teeth that I'm sure will form a sexy ass smile. His long, curly hair was pulled into a low ponytail. His swag was A1, he wore a white Ralph Lauren button up with a red horse, a red belt, white pants and fresh whites.

"Red, you" I responded still flipping through the channels.

"Skull" he said and I nodded my head. What else was I supposed to do? Jump on him? I wanted to but no.

"Well......" He said.

"Nigga don't rush me. I'm paying you so therefore you work for me" I said then went into my pocket to get the money then handed it to him.

"You a handful already" he said chuckling then gave me the weed.


LayLay just left me like that. After she left I hopped in the shower for about 30 minutes. When I finished I settled with a simple shirt pink shirt and some skinny jeans with the Valentine's day Jordan's and took my Indian remy out of it's braid and let it hang down my back then added a pink snapback. After getting dressed I looked myself over in the mirror; my red eyes held bags under them but my clothes was on fleek.

I grabbed my phone, charger then put them in my black Gucci bag and put on a pair of Gucci sunglasses then left out, making sure to lock the door behind me. When I stepped out, I was met by the sun and super strong aroma of weed. I haven't hit a blunt in three days so I followed the smell.

The smell came from my next door neighbor. I noticed 5 guys sitting on the porch but it was too late for me to turn around.

"Wasup ma" one dude asked and I gave him a head nod but he didn't have the blunt so he wasn't getting my attention.

"Hey everybody" I said grabbing the blunt as some sexy dude passed it to me and I took a puff "my name Juice"

"Water" one dude said being an asshole.

"Soda" another one who looked like the first one said following suit but only to get hit in the head along with the other.

"I'm Michael, but people call me Romy" the sexy one said standing up as I passed the blunt to water  "This Ryan and Bryan but call them Twin" he said pointing to the assholes. "This Josh aka Killa" he said pointing to the one who first spoke when I approached "and this Santiago" he said pointing to the quiet dude sitting off in the corner. "We all related except Sanny and we have 2 more but they probably around the corner"

"Well it was----" I said about to leave until this nice ass car pulled up interrupting me. "Who is that?"

"My godbrother Skull and my little sister Trina" he said and I nodded as they stepped out. I was still planning on leaving but then I Seen my sister so why not.

"Who are you" Skull asked mugging me but I ignored him as I mugged back until Lay pulled my arm leading me into the house Where everybody else was leading.

"Seem like everybody need to take a chill blunt"  Romy said then went into his pocket and fished out a small baggie of weed and a swisher sweet. "You can roll?" He asked me.

"Like a pro" i said standing up ad he handed me the weed and cigar. I grabbed a game case from the table and broke down all the weed and then pearled the blunt.

I lit the blunt then passed it to Michael so he could see my perfection. He hit it then looked at it in improvement. "You aight" he stated but I just flipped my weave because I know I did more than "aight".

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