POv her

I've been waiting a whole fucking 30 minutes for them, I'm about to leave when I hear Cal scream.

"Wait, Cass, sorry We got detention and they took our phones away" He's out of breath, panting holding onto the bench.

"wow. it's fine" say. I drop my cig and squish it with my foot "ready to go to the diner to eat?

"totally, I could eat so much" I smile

"Well I'm paying, so get whatever you want" I see calum grinning

"wow, thank you calum" I hug him quickly. In the car I rummage around for a mint and smile knowing everything would be fine.

Luke looks over and asks me "Do you smoke Cass?"

"uh, sorta. only when I'm nervous. I couldn't very well smoke weed"

"But you do -" he stops and shakes his head "nevermind"

"wow, um you know what? We're here" I smile fakely opening the door and rushing up to see ashton at the door already.

I brush past ashton and sit next to Michael. "Hey! Wanna split a burger?" I ask

"Um, I usually order my own but I can eat some of yours" He smiles. The waitress takes her order and I realise that the dullness the sadness in her eyes is because of dead son. I sometimes wonder what it would be like, no one would care. Especially since my mum is gone and my dad is a deadbeat. Would Tony or Brit care? Doubt it, they're pretty shitty friends. I mean what do I offer? I do everything I can get my hand on, this is the first time I've been sober in ages. It's fucking depressing, I'm a sixteen year old who can't even buy a fucking burger.

"Hey Cass. Sorry I ate your burger. I ate more than I expected" He starts apologizing

"It's okay. Calum, I'll meet you at Michael's I just need to go back to the house to get something.

I run home to find a postcard and a shit load of bills. It's an eviction notice, I have three weeks. The postcard has a lovely beach scene and I'm about to turn it over when I see Calum step out of the car and pick up the notice.

"Just bills" I mutter

"Ok, c'mon cass. We'll figure it out, we can go to Michael's yeah?"

I nod and sit next  to him.

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