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POv her(cassie)

"Morning, Cass. Can I call you that?" I see Calum fidgeting with the sleeves of his sweater. He's just woken up evident from his hair and sweats.

"yes. cal, what is it?" I ask sitting up from the couch

"We have class in 45. I'm driving so you can just join Luke at the table. Ash already left for his classes and Michael is just in the bathroom. There's some toast and coffee in the kitchen if you're hungry." he says smiling.

"oh wow, cool." I make my way to the kitchen to see Luke scrolling through his phone.

He looks up and says "There's some toast if you want some. no pressure, I'm not much of a breakfast person" He says nervously

"Calum ha told you about me. Hasn't he?" I sigh grabbing a mug

"Yeah, but you're still pretty cool" he says fumbling his words

I want to be upset at Calum. I didn't want everyone knowing my problems, but seeing Luke all nervous and scared somehow makes it okay.

"I'll just have some coffee, but thanks Luke." I smile

"Don't be angry at Cal, he really does want the best for you"

"yeah, wow um I'm just gonna let this cool and change." I say

i go to my bag and look at the random assortment of clothes I brought. I just slip on a red and green striped sweater over some black leggings and tie on my black vans.

Once arriving at school Calum holds my hand and tells me not to worry that everything will get better. If it wasn't for lunch, I don't know how I'd live. I grab a tray and get an order of fish and chips and an apple. I'm walking back towards the table where Luke is, when I hear their whispers.

I hear Tony "Hey Cass, big appetite for a big slut", next is brit "Sit with us bitch, where are you going? Gonna go fuck someone" Lauren nastily flashes a smirk "You're just a fat whore, join us. They aren't your friends, they just wanna use you"

"I-II I um no. I'll see you later in chem" I mutter. I hear them laugh and make side comments. I am eventually met by Michael's bright  hair who steals one of my chips "Is it okay, If I eat some?"

"yeah" I say quietly "I um ate earlier during freeblock. You can have the fish. I'm just gonna have my apple and chips"

"nah, I shouldn't I'll get fatter" He laughs He makes the stupidest face cracking me up

"Calllluuummm, why can't we go back to yours. I don't wanna go to Michael's."

"Yeah well, Mali and her friends are going to be at my place"  he sighs

"oh wow, we should totally go to Michael's. You've got booze right?" I ask

They all sit down and Calum stares at my mostly eaten tray and grins. I smile back, but know that it was mostly Michael who ate it.

"Um bye you guys" I say getting up

"oh yeah. hey cass, uh We'll pick you up after school? We'll have dinner at the diner if that's okay" Calum says smiling

"Okay" I grab my bag and walk to the bathroom. I stare at the mirror, at the loose fitting sweater and turn back to the toilets. I close the door carefully and Push two fingers down my throat causing a gag reflex.

I can still feel the bile in my throat, but what's even worse is Brit trying to convince me to go on a liquids only diet for a week.

"Um, does it work" I ask

"duh, c'mon cass. Just imagine how being skinny could be like for you. Calum might even notice you" she says

"really? wow um maybe" I say

I wait for calum outside and pull out a cigarette. Lighting it, I feel absolutely shitty.

"hey Cass, I didn't know you smoked. do you have a lighter by any chance?" I turn around to see Brit standing there.

"given any more thought? " she asks

It's okay to eat right? I can just throw it up later and no one will know. That way I don't starve myself.

"um, actually I'm already on this really great one" I say smilign fakely

"okay, well bye. Don't forget tomorrow first period at Tony's for some fun yeah? "

A/N Please let me know what you think. Cass has a lot of problems, they're problems I think people should be aware of. Some of it might be not true(having no experience with drugs/eating disorders), but I want to try to deal with them. Please tell me who your favourite character is :)

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