Chapter One

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"My king, another has entered.” The king looked up to the servant girl, an eyebrow raised as he moved away from his wife. “Demon? Or an angel?” He questioned and stood, robes falling to cover his legs and feet, moving away from the servent who was washing him. He moved with grace and obvious importance, the gold shining in the glittering sun. “A-a d-demon, I think... My lord!” She added quickly, fear of being punished. Solomon simply raised an eyebrow again at her.  “Very well… Bring me to him.” She simply nodded and rushed off as Solomon followed her, idly. He could already here the demon’s yells across the hall. He rolled his eyes, sighing slowly and a bored expression on his face. “My, my, very noisy. My palace does not bode well with this amount of commotion,” Solomon spoke softly, his voice soothing and calm as he reached the end of the corridor. He heard servants scatter to bow and welcome his presence but his grey eyes, glimmering with wisdom and mischief alike, were trained on the demon in front of him, barely giving a glance to the new surroundings of stone and people, the devil’s trap he set still neat and intact.

The demon was quite beautiful in his human form. Locks of his blonde hair covered his eyes which was an opposite to Solomon’s, the bluest of blues, reflecting the sea and sky and Solomon knew they were dangerous from the way his pretty lips turned upwards into a smirk, the screaming having stopped. Solomon pulled his eyes away and looked at his face instead. Taking in the tear stains on his cheeks, the blood that dripped from his split lip. The demon sniffled and Solomon thought he may as well be an angel. His eyes flashed with anger and rage, blowing the hair from his face. Solomon regarded him carefully, aware of some power that he held in his eyes. “Who’re you?” The king demanded in a tone that showed he would not be kept waiting, a smirk covering his own lips that just made the demon pull and tug at the chains that clasped tightly around his wrists and neck. Despite this, the demon's lips smiled slightly. "Who are you?" He spat back. The king simply bent down in front of him. "You're bound and on the brink of being punished, yet you have the nerves to ask who I am?"

The demon scoffed and narrowed his eyes at the egotistical male. "But why should i answer you? For you're simply the son of a mortal whereas I was born an angel. My star is also bright in the Heavens, men call it the Wain and sometimes the Dragon's child.  I usually stay close as to my star not be lured away. So do not ask who I am as my power is for eternity and your's is short lived, only there until you die. We will take back over this place and your 'people' will serve me and my brothers as though we were Gods and you'll be grovelling in the dirt!" He declared. Solomon stood up and went behind him, tightening the shackles that bound the demon in place. "Flog him," he stated, the words ringing in his ears. The blonde's eyes widened and he stuttered. "W-woah, lets not get too ahead of ourselves! A-at least take me for dinner first!" He laughed but fell forward with a choke as the first hit landed on his back, a pained and pitiful noise leaving his lips.

Solomon watched the demon's reactions with interest, seeing how even the smallest hits had him flinching and whimpering, while the harder and more forceful ones had the smallest of grimaces. His reactions were varied to say the least and Solomon held up a hand when he saw the blood trickle to ground from his back. He took a step forward again, not missing the glare he recieved. "I will ask again. Who are you?" He asked with crossed arms and an unhappy look on his face to show he was upset from the previous refusal of the demon. The battered immortal coughed into his elbow, shaking slightly from the pain as he looked up at the sorcerer. "I'm called Asmodeus among mortals, and my business is to plot against the newly wedded, so that they do not stay with each other. And I sever them utterly by many calamities, and I waste away the beauty of virgin women, and corrupt their hearts." Solomon hummed. "Is that all?"

This time, it was Asmodeus' turn to look at him wearily. "I transport men into fits of
madness and desire, when they have wives of their own, so that they leave them, and go to women who belong to brother's or friend's; with the result that they commit sin, and fall into murderous deeds." He sounded proud of himself and Solomon sighed, rubbing his temples. "My dear, Asmodeus.. what are we going to do with you? We cannot be having that around my palace. This is a peaceful place you see. I recently came to the throne after my father died so I hope you will understand when I say I need your full co-operation." The guards knew what he meant instantly, the whispering around them made Asmodeus' heart jump to his throat. "What do you mean..? Please, King Solomon, do not punish me to the water."

"You will help to construct my temple. You will work day and night, treading down the clay until I am satisfied." He smiled, much to Asmodeus' dismay. "And if I refuse?" He knew the demon was trying to be brave but the tremble in his voice gave it away. "Have fun staying in your devil's trap." He held up a sharp knife, Asmodeus hadn't even seen where it had come from. "And say goodbye to that precious tail of your's. I'll give you some time to think about it." And with that, Solomon turnt on his heel, walking away from the curses that were thrown at his back and insults carefully thought out, his servants scrambling around him and taking him back to his wife.

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