Chapter 30

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Chapter thirty already! Wow so amazing! Thank you to all of you for your support and for reading! Please keep up with the comments! Whenever I post a new chapter, I always keep Wattpad open on my phone because I am so excited to read all of your comments! I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did writing it, and stay awesome! :)

Just a side note, I just realized that Layla has been calling Hana Khaltu, and it should be Amtu :)

“Thank you for coming Miss Ismail! Please have a seat!”

Hana smiled as the interviewer motioned towards the large black wing tipped chair, and she sat, perched nervously on the edge. She hadn’t realized how truly fancy the newspaper was, though she shouldn’t have been surprised considering that they were the biggest news outlet in Santa Barbara that wasn’t a national paper.

“Thank you.”

“Would you like some water? Coffee? Tea?” the lady who had introduced herself as the senior editor, Julianne Pierce asked. 

“Oh no thank you.” Hana said, trying to keep her stomach from churning. She was so freaking out and on top of all of that she was still trying to keep herself from crying about Kalthoum and Houssam. The night before, her friend had called her absolutely freaking out, and poor Hana had to listen for an hour as Kalthoum went on and on about Houssam. Don’t be deceived, it was all about his eyes, hair, jaw, mouth, arms, shoulders, smile, and his body. Because of course Kalthoum didn’t know anything about him other than having his features memorized, and what made things worse, was that Hana wasn’t even sure that Kalthoum cared how little she knew about him.

“So tell me Miss Ismail, why do you want to work for The Santa Barbara Times?”

For a second Hana was a bit blindsided as they had been the ones to reach out to her. But as she was very bright, and good at thinking on her feet, she hurriedly composed an answer.

“Well, aside from the fact that it is the most well-known newspaper in Santa Barbara, and that it has won many prestigious awards for the hard hitting journalism, I grew up reading the paper, and trying to copy the writing style of people like Jacqueline Rose and Thomas R. Jones, and now to be sitting in an interview and potentially being able to work with them is like a dream come true!”

Julianne smiled and shuffled the papers in front of her, peering down at the resume Hana had given her when she had first arrived.

“That was very eloquent. I can tell that you have a way with words! I see here you are also a photographer?”

“Yes I am.” Hana replied.

“That is an excellent skill to have if you want to work for us.” She said with a smile, and Hana smiled back. “So tell me what experience you have?”

Hana’s stomach dropped slightly. She was dreading this question.

“Um, well in college I wrote for the newspaper, and I currently am organizing a paper at my place of worship. I know it isn’t that extensive of a list, but I promise I have what it takes!”

Julianna waved a hand.

“I have no doubt you do! I am sure you were surprised to hear you had an interview without even applying. I assure you we don’t usually reach out to people ourselves, but when we saw that you had applied to our sister paper, SB News, we just had to approach you!”

“Well thank you! You don’t know what it means to me to have such an honor!” Hana exclaimed. “If you don’t mind me asking, how did you access my writing samples from UCSB?!”

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