Love Letter to The Rain

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I stand in a bath you have drawn for me, before the stars ever knew my name. A stream conceived through purest intent.

Dark blue waters pool around my thighs. The moon's reflection explodes into thousands of tiny diamonds, which glisten on the mirrored surface with each hypnotic motion.

A thin sheet of moisture veils my bare flesh. Deepest indigo sadness looms high above all the earth's spirits.

I have come before you my love, to consummate our holiest union.

Release your crystal tears gently upon me. For this is my humble offering to you- to accept you without reservation.

The night's dewy heat arouses my anticipation. However so, patiently I wait. I know that yearning ceases to exist without the pain time impends. The moment of your arrival shall begin a euphoric baptism which graces the earth.

I can feel the pressure of your atmosphere increase with each breath that enters me, filling my soul with your arbor. The scent of ancient soil consumes the damp air. The enticing fragrance dancing on the wings of a breeze. This is the moment, I feel you.

Small warm drops softly descend, leaving your liquid kisses on my skin. I close my eyes and lift my face to the heavens, I feel your kiss upon my brow. Delicately the clear beads stream down my porcelain face. I slightly open my parched lips to taste your scent and fully receive your blessings. Oh, how my body thirsts to drink you in.

Rain pours down in a strong methodic rhythm. Moonlight now ripples on the canvas which surrounds me, creating intricate designs that tease my sight.

My desire to be one with you becomes immeasurable. I outstretch my arms to the sky, and feel your flow trace down my limbs, meeting at the crevice of my breasts ,then down my navel. Again I close my eyes, as I let my body fall back into the natural, moving bed you have created. The sounds you make with your countless kisses seem to whisper," I love you."

Cool, fresh element covers my weightless form. My hair fans out like liquid gold just beneath the watery surface. I surrender fully to the magic which evokes with everything you touch. You are a cherished gift, pleasuring all my senses.

One day my love we shall fall to the earth together. Building the greatest waters, and watch as the waves dance in the moonlight. We shall create the promise of a rainbow- as we cry with pure joy before the sun, only to ascend back into the heavens, and paint the sky in poetic brilliance.

Your strength has turned to peace in the form of a loving mist. The waters have become still. My interlude with you has now ended. Sweet sorrow, my love, for as quickly as you have arrived, you now depart.

However so, my gift is of fortune, for as long as I love you, you shall always return-my love, forever.

I stand now, once again. Look up into the midnight sky, thank you graciously-turn and slowly walk out of the water.

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