8. Scoring the Sixer!

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Gauri walked to the balcony of the pavilion, darting her gaze to the almost empty stadium.

The mix of emotions she felt at the very same place on different days was enormous. She was nervous, disappointed in herself, broken, content and now ecstatic.

As always she achieved her goal; one of the milestones! The fastest half-century and the player of the match award!

And the longest sixer of the series!! •93m•

She waved at a bunch of college students, probably of her age, who squealed and yelled her name happily.

The day was great for her. Her father called before the match to wish her and after to appreciate her.

Moreover, the only secret from her cousin, for which she kept waiting excitedly turned out to be a shocking news.

~Few hours ago before the match.

"Abhay!" Gauri shrieked in excitement as she hugged him. "Finally, you're here to watch me playing in colourful jersey!" She did grinning.

"Of course, my Rani sahiba!" He said winking and held out two chocolates before her.

"She came?" Gauri's grin widened in excitement as she grabbed one of the chocolates.

She looked, tiptoeing, behind him and saw Veer coming towards them.

"Oh, hi bodyguard!" She said showing disinterest, seeing which Veer knocked her head and Abhay chuckled.

"Spoke to Rudra?" Veer asked after shaking his head at her words.


"I just saw him leaving with Om."

"Oh." A disappointed rushed to Gauri but she chucked it aside soon. "Where's she? Yaar, from one and half years I'm waiting."

"Oh! Whose was the stupid demand that I should be with her when you meet for the first time?" Abhay asked raising his brows.

"You could have come earlier!" Gauri pouted.

"Hey Abhay!" Ridhima said with a smile as she walked towards them.

Seeing her, Abhay flashed a toothy grin making Gauri frown. "Ridhi!" He happily hugged her while she patted his back.

This is not normal smile. She thought as her eyes narrowed. "You both know each other? Like personally?"

"Of course! We're evergreen friends. This idiot was in the boarding school with me." Abhay said and Gauri hummed.

"Chocolate! For me?" Ridhima's voice held tease and Abhay rolled his eyes.

Gauri's gaze shifted to her brother and saw him smiling, a normal happy one. She turned around to see what Veer was looking at, only to her mind fill with curiosity and surprise.

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