Prologue: Bee

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-Author's Note-

Hi everyone, my name is Sadie! This is my first fan fiction, so I am very sorry if it is terrible cx. Feel free to give me advice in the comments! Anyways, in my outline, it turns out this story is going to be very long, and I will try to update frequently, though I am a busy (but mostly just lazy) person. There will be some smut, and I will make sure to put in a warning before hand if you would like to skip. It won't occur for a while though, just letting y'all know ;) Also, the story starts out when Dean/Cas are 5 and Sam/Gabe are 3 (I'm having there be a 2 year difference instead of 4 mostly because I think it's weird for an 8 year old to have a huge crush, it still is for a 10 year old, but its less weird okay xD), and I will notify you cool people before I skip into the future. Sorry for making the boys sound pretty mature for their ages xD. My excuse will be that Sam and Dean had to grow up quickly because of the WORST FATHER IN HISTORY, but really I'm just terrible at kid language oops. Lastly, I'm not sure about other schools, but where I live ( I'm in the USA ), you usually have two years of preschool from when you are 3-4 and 4-5. So, I hope you enjoy my fan fiction! Okay I'l let you read now c:

-Castiel's POV-

"CAAASSS!!!" Lucifer shouts at me from the doorway. I spring up from my pillow, instantly wide awake. The six year old skips over to my bed - a full with an angel wing patterned bedspread. "Now you get to be in the same school as me!" That's why I'm being woke up so early. Kindergarten! I jump to my cold tile floor, excited for my first day of school. Throwing on the clothes that my mom, Anna, laid out before me last night, I bounce down the stairs, full of energy. I instantly smell it, the delightful scent of pancake batter drifting from the kitchen.

"PANCAKES!" I scream at the top of my lungs, ecstatic for my favorite breakfast food. I scarf them down in what seemed like a second flat, then get my red Nike's with orange laces on.

"Make sure to brush your teeth, honey!" My mom calls out from the stove top.

"I know, mom!" I yell back whilst rolling my eyes. After brushing my teeth, I run downstairs to see my mom getting my little brother, Gabriel, ready for his first day of preschool. "Ha ha! I'm in elementary school and you are still in the baby school!" I laugh at Gabe.

"Chuck! Castiel is teasing Gabriel!" Anna yelled to my dad from the kitchen, busy with the impossible task of Gabe.

"Cas, be nice to Gabe, he's only three. Now let's get going before you miss the bus!" I practically jump to the bus stop, I can't stop bouncing I'm so excited. After I get on the bus I can hear my dad saying "Bye Cas! Make friends!"

* * *

-Dean's POV-

"Dean!" My dad John yells at me. "Wake up, it's your first day of kindergarten. Wake Sam up, and don't miss your bus. I'm going out to the bar before work." He heavily slurs his words, making it obvious he had been drinking the previous night. I go get my three year old brother, Sammy, up for his first day of preschool.

"Guess what Sammy? It's your first day of preschool! Want me to cook you some eggs?" Sam nods groggily and hops out of bed, suddenly fully energized. After we have had some breakfast, we walk out the door with our Dollar Tree backpacks, hand in hand.

* * *

I walk Sam into his school, Meadow Hills Preschool, and scan the halls for a teacher. Found one! "Hi, can you make sure my brother Sam gets to Mrs. Campbell's class?" I ask using my most adult voice possible.

"Sure sweetie!" The lady replies kindly. From there, I trudge to my school, Meadow Hills Elementary School, mad at dad for how ignorant he was of Sam and I.

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