Chapter Two

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Please if you guys haven't prayed yet make sure you stop reading, pray and return. This story can wait but Allah (swt) only knows that time doesn't.

Enjoy reading and May Allah (swt) grant all those reading this firdous.

Your Sister In Islam

Ihsan's POV
"Uh...sorry what?" I said hesitantly. "I said I'll be sure to let him know that" she replied. I looked at her blankly and she burst into quiet giggles as she spoke between breathes "let me explain, the speaker, yeah he's my brother, Yusuf. And to be honest he was so nervous about speaking tonight being his first time and all and he'll be glad to know someone enjoyed it" "Oh" was all I could say as I began to blush to which she laughed even harder while Fatima joined. So much for best friend!

After praying the three of us walked out of the mosque together when Ilham said "I'm just going to wait for my ride here but it was nice meeting you guys, salamualaykum and hope to see you tomorrow inshallah" "Are you kidding me?!" Fatima squealed "Girl we ain't leaving you, we're friends now and besides, you'll be bored waiting by yourself. Plus, wouldn't want the boys staring now would we?" To which I just rolled my eyes. "Jazakallahukheiran. I really appreciate it" replied Ilham. "Waiyakkum. O to the M to the G, the speaker today was awesome Mashallah. Your brother is really good Mashallah ilhami" Fatima said. "Jazakallahukheiran. Yeah he's studying to be a Sheikh with Sheikh Umar while doing his teaching degree at the same time so inshallah kheir (May Allah (swt) grant goodness)" Ilham replied. "I think someone has a crush though. Did you know that Ihsan's dream husband is a Sheikh?" Fatima said staring at me while I began to blush. "I don't have a crush!" I squeaked "I just think that Mashallah he's very eloquent and engaging" "Jazakallahukheiran" came a smooth voice from behind me. I swear I almost had a heart attack as I spun around to see Ilham's brother, A.K.A Yusuf, A.K.A guy who just scared the hell out of me, A.K.A the guy who just heard me complimenting him. I struggled to find my voice as I saw those beautiful chocolate brown eyes, framed with long eyelashes, a gorgeous full beard (yes facial hair is so damn attractive), a white thawb (male dress gown) and...ASTAGHFIRALLAH Ihsan! Lower your gaze woman and control yourself I mentally scolded as I replied "uh waiyakkum" immediately looking down. Behind me Ilham and Faima were giggling silently and Fatima would have to watch when we got in the car. As for Ilham, well I would deal with her later. "Uh you ready to go Habibti (my loved one)?" He addressed Ilham and my heart melted. "Yallah Habibi (come on my loved one) let me just say Salams to the girls" she replied as he began walking, giving us some privacy. "OMG that was hilarious!!" Fatima began as I shot her daggers. "It was pretty funny Ihsan" Ilham said, "But don't worry we'll discuss it tomorrow inshallah. Yallah salamualaykum" "Walaylumasalam" we replied hugging her and she whispered into my ear "naseeb (destiny) is from Allah (swt)" and with she walked over to Yusuf and disappeared. What was that supposed to mean??

As we walked over to our car, I couldn't help but feel dazed at what just happened. We all climbed in the car and Fatima suggested that we bake cookies to which I couldn't disagree. Ya Allah! This was going to be a long night.

2 hours, a whole lot of flour and cookie dough later, the most delicious date and macadamia cookies in the world were finished. The process is SUPPOSED to take 1 hour but between a flour fight and eating half the cookie batter as well as falling on the floor laughing it took 2 hours.

As we took our cookies to my room and lay down on the floor Fatima asked, "Describe the perfect husband" This girl needs to get married because she constantly had love on her mind. "Are you asking me cause you're genuinely interested or you just want to tell me yours?" I said knowingly. "Besides you already know mine" "Well first of all, I am actually interested thank you very much Ihsan Abdul Lateef! And second of all we haven't asked each other since year 10! I'd like to think your taste has changed from a guy with all the Harry Potter books and whose name is Harry" she said. "Don't hate on the Potter!" I replied throwing a pillow at here while taking a cookie "Hmmm...okay well you know I'm only looking for deen and character so looks don't matter"
"But if they did what would it be?"
"Okay I'd like a guy inshallah with good conviction with Alalh (swt), faith and whose goal is to go to jannah (paradise) together. In terms of looks brown eyes, long eyelashes, definitely a beard cause like the sunnah is attractive, islamic dress code so not someone who literally is wearing a brand from every shop at Westfield, taller than me at least but I don't really care about height. Uh, fit but not ripped cause just eeewww!! I swear if he has abs I'm gonna make him eat till they go but at the same time not obese, just healthy. Okay in terms of character someone gentle and caring, compassionate and affectionate cause you know how lovey I am, someone who is masculine enough to protect me, get jealous over me and stand up for me but soft enough that he opens up to me, displays affection and love. Intellectual is a big one for me, you know how Baba is always saying I need a smart guy, so I can be able to have a conversation and he has an opinion based on substantial evidence. Not stubborn, hot headed or with a short fuse cause you know if you push me further enough I'll snap and playful I guess. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah generous, good with kids and I would love to marry a Sheikh inshallah. What about you? Still into the Justin Bieber hair cut?"
"Ya Allah! A'balik inshallah (may you get that, God willing). Shut up okay! That was just a phase. Let me see, a guy who has deen, obviously that's number one. A guy who is strong and brave. And dude I have no idea why you don't like muscles, your weird. I want him to be tall, dark, black hair, I don't really care about eye colour, bbeeeaaaaarrrdddd, yeah islamic dress code and that's about it. For character, someone who respects his family especially his mum that's really important to me, someone whose willing to spend in the right way, someone funny, I want a man so testosterone right there, ummumm caring, loving and just real. You know what I mean? Just a guy who knows where his values lie, knows his religion and just isn't in it to impress people or be fake. Just someone real"
" Well ameen (may Allah (swt) accept) to that sister. You staying over?"
"Well duh! You think I'd still be here if it was 11 o'clock at night?!"
"Oh my God! It's 11 already?! We've gotta wake up tomorrow for suhoor (pre-fasting breakfast). Yallah Habibti we gotta go to sleep"

After cleaning up, putting our pyjamas on, brushing our teeth and biding good night to my parents I lay in bed perfect husband was beginning to describe Yusuf.

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