Chapter 9 ~ Something You Started, Now Disregarded

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I took multiple sips of the strongly flavoured energy drink that reminded me so much of summer festivals. Each time I saw a can of Monster, or drank one, millions of memories came flooding back. The majority of them were memories of times I've had with my band mates, since before last year, not many bands used to bother with us. The memory that I treasure the most though, was when Tom decided it was a good idea to fill water guns with Monster and soak every morsel that passed. As you can imagine, not everyone appreciated that, and we spent most of the time getting mouthfuls of abuse but the thing that overpowered all of that was that we got Andy Biersack and Austin Carlile to dance half naked in a fountain of it. Clearly, I'm talking of stuff that only happens once in a life time. so I see that as a huge achievement.

Harshly, I was taken away from my dreamland and back to reality as Bryan edged the microphone in my direction expecting me to answer a question that I didn't even hear being delivered, "Umm, excuse me?" I murmured, as I messed with the green oversized beanie that sat onto of my thick black locks.

Bryan looked back to his papers briefly as a reminder, What singer or guitarist inspired you to do what you're doing now?" he reiterated for me, with a perfect smile.

I carefully thought about my answer for a second or two, trying not to embarrass myself any further, "Well uhh..." I hesitated, pulling a hand through my hair nervously, "When I was 13, I remember walking into my living room to find the Kerrang! channel on... And there was this band on there that played like something I had never witnessed because before that I was very much driven on pop punk music like Fall Out Boy... Anyway, this band was Bullet For My Valentine and after hearing their style, I just had to play like that and I vowed to learn every song" I answered, adding a lighthearted chuckle to liven up the atmosphere.

Bryan raised his eyebrows, making me feel like for once, someone was actually listening to me and taking in the words I spoke, "I like Bullet!" he smiled happily, raising his hand for a high five, "So did you keep your vow?" he added, relating to my previous answer as I reached up and clapped my hand against his.

I chuckle to myself quietly, "You're like my best friend right now" I laughed, thinking intently on the next question. Reluctantly, I rubbed a finger across my temple, "No" I answered shortly, "After I started playing, I began to broaden my musical taste so I started to want to play other bands' music" I gave a shy smile before the question was turned to one of my band members.

While the attention was placed on Ryan, I messed with a rip in my jeans, immediately noticing how different this interview was compared to others I had experienced. I felt like I could do anything here without getting told off for something or another. I felt so comfortable here because I was on the verge of floating off into a parrallel universe every 5 seconds and that never seemed to happen.

Jacky's P.O.V.

With a permanent smile lighting up my face, I walked along the gravel towards the Falling In Reverse tour bus with the hot sun pelting down on my bare tattooed arms. For me, this was bliss. We never got weather like this in England, so if I complained I'd be extremely stupid.

I quietly crept up the metal steps and into the cool air conditioned bus to find it completely quiet. The leather couches in the lounge were empty except for the few jackets discarded on them. I lingered in silence by the door way, tracing my eyes over the many items that lined the kitchen counter as I searched for my phone.

My eyes scanned over various discarded red cups that had been tipped over or just left to collect dust. Keys were left along with a few of my guitar books that I use when I teach guitar at some venues or through online videos.

Carefully, I picked them out from among the mess, wiping off what I hoped was only alcohol from the front cover. I was about to stroll off casually to chuck them in my bunk when I realised a pile of what I could swear were the backs of photographs that had been placed mysteriously under my books. Curiously, I picked them up, making them my centre of attention as I wandered slowly over to my bunk, placing my books on top of the messy duvet that I forgot to tidy this morning.

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