Viking!Iceland x Reader

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To start off, from what I have seen, Iceland was just a chibi during the Viking years so your going to be a the same age as him, do you're pretty young. Enjoy

You were sitting in a field just playing with the flowers around you. You weren't sure how you got there, you just... did.

A bunny came up to you and you pet it. "Hello little bunny." It twitched its nose and left.

You layed down on your back and looked up to see someone standing over you.

"Hey kid. Who are you?" He asked, picking you up and holding you over his head.

"I'm _____, or the human personification of (c/n). Can you put me down now?" He shook his head and started carrying you by the back of your dress.

"What the heck! Put me down!" You whined.

"No can do kid. I'm taking you back to camp." You sighed.

"Can you at least tell me who you are?" You asked, slightly annoyed.

"I'm Denmark. King of the North!" He bragged.

He continued to carry you by your clothing until he reached the camp where 3 other men were sitting by a fire.

"Hey boys! Look what I found!" He held you up higher in the air and shook you slightly.

They got up and walked over.

"Really Denmark? You kidnapped a little girl?" One of them spoke up.

"I didn't kidnap her. I found her. She's actually a country. Catch." You yelled as Denmark tossed you to the one who spoke up.

You clutched to his shirt for dear life. You noticed he had a hairpin in the shape of a cross in his hair.

"Dang it Denmark. You scared the poor girl." He held you closer so you relaxed a little.

"I'm Norway." He said.

"The one with the glasses in Sweden and that's Finland." He pointed to the two and you waved. They waved back.

"Oh, I want to introduce her to Iceland." Finland said then scooped you up in his arms and carried you off.

Soon, a boy with silvery gray hair came into view.

"Iceland! Come here!" Finland called. Iceland turned around and came over. Finland got down on his knees and set you on the ground.

"Iceland, this is _____. Denmark found her a little while ago." Iceland held out his hand and you took it.

"Hi. I'm Iceland. Do you wanna see my bird?" He asked. You nodded.

He put his index fingers in his mouth and whistled. A bird flew out of no where and softly landed on his head.

"This is Mr Puffin. Wanna pet him?" He asked.

You hesitated and nodded. You reached up and stroked his soft feathers.

"Wow. He's really cool." You said.

"So you can talk." Iceland pointed out.

"Yeah. I'm just a little shaken up from Denmark."

"You'll get used to him." Iceland said.

Finland chuckled and picked you both up.

"Let's get you two back. Dinner is going to be ready soon."

You and Iceland talked and got to know each other.

"Don't ask Denmark what's for dinner. He will hold you over the fire pit and say it's you. What ever Norway says, do not call him big brother." Iceland gave you more guide lines about what to do and not to do.

Finland chuckled softly as he set you both down softly.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Finland went over to a bag and pulled out a (f/c) cloak and put it on you.

"Wow, it's pretty neat." You said as you got used to thr feeling of it resting on your shoulders.

Finland smiled and started talking to Sweden.

"How long have you lived with them?" You asked Iceland.

"Long enough." He laid down and looked at the sky. You laid next to him and pointed at the sky.

"That cloud looks like a rabbit." You said.

"I think it looks like Denmark. There's his weird hair, and there's the crazy look in his eye." He said, causing you both to laugh.

You both argued about what the clouds looked like.

"No, it looks like Denmark." He said.

"Everything looks like Denmark to you." You said with a laugh.

"His crazy face is all I ever see." He laughed also.

"I'm guessing all I'm going to see is his crazy face too." You shrugged looked up at the sky. The sun was starting to set and the sky was turning orange.

"See that sunset?" He asks. You nodded.

"It looks like Denmark." He said. You both broke out in laughs.

Sweden came over and pulled the both of you to your feet.


Iceland held out his hand for you to take and you did with a smile.

"It might be hard to get used to it here but I can help." Iceland smiled at you and you smiled back.

Denmark scooped up Iceland and hung him by his feet over the fire pit.

"I didn't even ask what's for dinner!" Iceland screamed.

"I know but I'm bored." Norway came over and took Iceland then smacked Denmark of the back of his head.

"Thanks Norway." Norway nodded as he set Iceland down next to you and served dinner.

After dinner Iceland and you laid down, holding hands.

"I'm glad I have you. Now I have company." He said with a small smile.

You giggled and yawned, snuggling closer to him and you both fell asleep.

Denmark laid a blanket on the ground and softly put you both on it, careful not disturb your dreams.

He looked down at what he just did and laughed.

"It's kinda cute."

I got this done in reading class! We have free time and I wanted to upload it. Next I'm doing Viking Denmark. I hope you enjoyed!

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