throw a house party

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(Kay in the media)

*Kay's Pov*

I wake up on the couch damn my head hurts so bad after drinking last night

*knock* *knock*

Who tf is that knocking this early I check my phone time 1:25pm

I open the door to see prince sexy ass hold up I didn't mean to call her sexy i mean she is sexy her ass,her thighs,the way she puts her words mmm I like a friend.

Prince:wassup you going let me in or nah?

Me:yeah sorry about that I was think

Prince: of me riding?

Me:of what!!

Prince:nothing bruh what we doing tonight

Me:shit idk

Prince:I got a idea let's throw a house party!

Me:okay we going need to buy food, drinks,alcohol, shot cups,kegs,weed,and all

Prince: don't worry I got you bruh

******later on that*******

Damn I don't know what to wear to this party everyone down stairs going wild while I'm up here putting on clothes I find my true religion pants and polo shirt to match.

walking down stairs I see girls kissing girls almost naked.

I'm looking for prince in the large crowd of people in my house

Prince: come on Kay let's take some jello shots and get drunk asf.

Me:alright let's get it in bruh

Prince: hopefully we will

We walk over to the rainbow jello shots we down like six of them back to back have a competition with each other.

I watch prince lick her plump lips damn she so sexy wtf am I saying oh god the alcohol getting to me.

Prince:ayyy bruh look over there

I look I see too sexy ass studs going at it i mean fr they really going the short one has the tall one up against the wall damn that's hot nahh its not damn alcohol.

Me:ay bruh imma go to my room

Prince nods to me I through the crowd of people that are dancing and grinding to the beat of the music as the whole room is moving back and forth.

Prince:I got you

She lifts me up before I hit the floor I didn't know she could pick me up.

She pins me up against my bedroom door trying to opening it her breath is on my neck damn my boxers are getting wet.

Me:let me down I can walk

Prince:shut up I got you

Damn she checked my ass that's so sexy.

I bite my lip as she opens my door throwing me on the bed.

Prince:I wanna ask you a question?

Me:okay let's go

Prince:have you ever been with a stud?

Me:no but....

Prince: but what?


I lay down fully on the bed closing my eyes I I feel soft lips on mine kissing me slowly passionately,warm tongue exploring my mouth.

I open eyes looking at prince eyelashes as we kiss damn this night can't go any better I mean worse.

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