Sopping Wet Rangers

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While Ben tried to figure out what exactly I meant by 'convenient', I tapped the side of his head. "Mr. Blabber, we're here at our destination." I informed him sweetly, opening the door to Rand's house.

"Isn't that convenient?"

"Hmm... Just like you." I teased, watching as his eyes narrowed.

Before I had a chance to walk in the door, Ben closed the door. He wasn't going to let this go that easily.

"What does that even mean?!" He demanded, stomping his foot like a child.

"Figure it out!" I replied, sticking out my tongue.

"Why are you suddenly a brain ninja?! Last time I checked, you-" He cut himself off and looked above my head. He blushed and lifted Jet up higher so that his face was hidden behind Jet's coarse fur.

What was that idiot looking at?

I turned back to the door to see Leanne in the doorway, one eyebrow raised in amusement. Though Leanne was considered petite when compared to her husband, she towered over me. And Leanne was pretty intimidating with that expression that could clearly be read as 'You two are in trouble'.

I gulped before giving Leanne a sweet look. "Hi, Mrs. Leanne!"

Ben pointed a finger at me. "She started it!"

I huffed. "Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did NOT!"

"Did TOO!"

"Did NOT!"

"Did TOO!"

Leann crossed her arms. "You two are impossible." The bluenette muttered. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you two are my long lost children."

I grinned. "Love you, Mom!" I said, throwing my arms around her neck.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You've got some explaining to do." Leanne said, rolling her green eyes at me, pulling my wet arms off of her. "Wait here while I get you two some towels. Mission or no mission, you two are not walking onto my hard wood floors until you're completely dry."

"Do you have any clothes that might fit me?" I asked. "I can't wear this wet uniform for much longer."

"But you wouldn't be wearing your Ranger uniform." Ben pointed out. "It's an iconic look."

"Who cares? My uniform is wet and I'm not about to catch a cold. You can, I'm not." I retorted.

"I'll go get towels. Take off your shoes and leave them by the door. If you get changed, I'll put your clothes in the dryer so that you can put them on later." Leanne proposed, disappearing back into the house.

"At least you can't catch a cold in this warm weather." Ben said with a shrug when Leanne left.

As if to prove him wrong, the temperature dropped. I wanted to kick him. I really, really did. Instead, I took off my shoes and socks and left them by the door.

When Leanne returned, she brought towels and a pairs of clothes that I knew wouldn't fit me. "Sorry, Ben. We don't have any clothes in your size."

"That's okay. I brought a change of clothes in case something happened... Unlike Summer."


I was so jealous of Ben's hair. All he did was shake his hair out like a wet Growlithe and his hair was completely dry and upright in its spiky glory.

Unfortunately, my thick brown shoulder-length hair was too thick to just shake out the water. We dried off the best we could with our clothes still on until Leanne deemed us dry enough to come into her house.

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