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AFTER ALL OF establishing that Nathan would sleep in Vincent's room until his was done everyone made there way to bed

It was Friday night so Xavier, Vincent, Nathan and I would be going to get the stuff for his room

Heading to the bathroom I take a shower and as I'm about to take my sleep medication I realized I ran out making my way to my dads room I know on his door

“Hey sweetheart what are you doing here"he asked

“I ran out of sleep medication"I replied

Opening the door wider I entered the room and made my way to the bed slowly falling into a deep sleep
Mentions of abuse and rape
Get over here you little slut I'm not done yet.

“Mommy please stop"

“I didn't say that when you slept with my boyfriend get over here or I'll call John

Immediately running over to her she pulled out her phone

“Hey I need you over here she thinks she can still sleep with my boyfriend"

Grabbing me by my ear she drags me to the basement and ties me to the chair

Taking a knife she stars carving words into me while I whimper

“Stop please what did I do"

Everytime I asked I she would go deeper

Punch, kick, cut and carve that's how it went until he got there

Walking up to me he rips all my clothes of while I try to cover my self each time the restraints got tighter

“Common you can take it like a big girl"

Pushing his thing in me while I cry

He just kept going


“Please stop please"

Xnea wake up"

Stop making noise or I'll go longer your choice

Flashback over

“Xnea please get up"

Gasping for air I sit up scratching my skin trying to get his hands off of me

The feeling of him touching me over and over again playing through my head not paying attention to my brothers who stood there with tears in their eyes and questioning looks while dad and Vincent stood with knowing ones

“Tell them"

“Are you sure"

“I don't care just tell them!"
I shouted running into the bathroom

Looking into the mirror most of my bruises have healed but my eyes hold a different story

All I see is a broken girl

No one will love after what she's been through

Her brothers probably don't want her anymore

My once vibrant blue green eyes now full no life in them what so ever

He's not here though I keep telling myself over and over

Even if NO one will love you your USELESS, A WHORE, NOTHING, A NOBODY

I was brought out of my thoughts by some one knocking on the door
Meanwhile on the other side of the door

All the brothers stood in shock

Vincent and their dad still taking it hard but needing to be quiet cause if Nathan who was resting on Vincent's shoulder


Was all they could say

This went from 0-100 ina matter if seconds

I didn't read over

I didn't read over

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