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Chapter One

"Shh.." he whispered into my ear his body pressing against mine, "no one will have to know, it'll be our dirty little secret." he Chuckled lightly pulling my hair aside revealing my bare neck. Although I am with Cameron, I can't bring myself to the realization Cameron wasn't the only boy I loved, at this moment in time, I realized I love not only Cameron, but I love Sammy too.
Sammy is my best friend. He's been here for me since I was walking around on my hands and knees. But the thing is, Sammy's got a girl. Her name's Bailey.
Bailey was my junior high and so far high school bully. We are all currently in our Sophomore year in high school and she still bullies me when the boys aren't around. Bailey is Cameron's ex from Freshman year, they were together for 6 months. She tries to tell me that I'm worthless and that I don't mean anything but Cameron makes me think otherwise. I have had a big history with depression. It's been years and I'm still depressed. I can't seem to have an understanding that an amazing guy like Cameron chose me. I met him through Bailey. she used to be my best friend in grade school. Then she met Cameron and Sammy and she changed. Sammy was a dick to her like He always is, but I love him anyway. I love Cameron too. He has the biggest heart and I could never hurt him like she did. She broke his heart. He's broken. Bailey became a bitch when Cameron and Sammy like me and never caught feelings for her first. Then the shit talk started.
But that doesn't matter now. All that matters is Sam's hand is halfway up my shirt by now with his lips connected to my neck. A few years ago I moved in with Sam and his family because my parents didn't give two shits about me and I was bound to move in anyway. Him and his family were always like a second family. But now one of Sam's hands unbuttoning my jeans his mouth moved from my neck to my chest. With every thought I have time passed. My thoughts and focus are on him now and he pulls away leading me up the stairs to his in his room. He pulls me into the bathroom locking the door behind him tugging down my pants and throwing them aside. My shirt getting flung across the room. I pull his t-shirt over his head and he chucks it to the clothes piling up. My small hands trail down his muscled chest and toned torso biting my lip at the amazement of his body. Coming back to realization I pull his jeans down letting them pool around his ankles. He snakes one arm around to my back and unclasps my bra tossing it aside and pulling down my panties slowly with ease. He tugs down his boxers his erection growing. I look at him a smirk growing across my face. He walked to the shower turning on the hot water stepping into it. I stand back and watch the water fall along his body like magic. His nickname is Daddy for a reason. He moves his fingers towards me in a 'come here' motion. I walk toward him slowly stepping into the shower and closing the shower door behind me. He immediately pins me to the steamy wall with my hands above my head. I take in deep breaths my chest rising and falling making Sam lick his lips hungrily. By this point I know it's going to be good.
His body pushed against mine. Hot water trailing our bodies. I can't get a single word out. He looks at me in the eyes and I know that look because I've seen it before. At first his eyes are glistening them the next they're full of lust and sex. I know what he wants and he won't take no for an answer.
"Babygirl," he smirks looking my body up and down, "you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this. I know how you like it, and I can give it to you that way. Just say, 'Please Daddy'" his eyes were dark and lust filled by now. I know what he wanted and I couldn't get out of it. The words fell out of my mouth as I replied, "Please Daddy."
He lifted me off the floor of the shower and gave me no warning for him to enter me. My back arched and I released a moan. His moans were enchanting. He began to thrust in and out of me in a quicked motion. His moans erupted and dominated my own. The words babygirl, princess, baby, beautiful and many more slipped from his lips often. To send him over the edge, as it he wasn't already there, I grinded my hips against his feeling his big and muscled hands wrap around me and meet at my back. I bit into his shoulder to contain my own moans when I heard the door knob twist. There are keys to every room in the house and Cameron happens to have them. We both hear the door open and Cameron's voice echoes through the bathroom. My eyes widen and Sam and I get as close to the wall as we can.
"Aye Sammy quit thinking of Bailey in there and listen to what I gotta say." he says standing in front of the fogged mirror wiping away the fog and looking at himself.
"uh yeah bro what's up?" Sam asked covering my mouth with his hand.
"we should go out with the girls and guys to six flags today." he shouted through the running water.
"yeah sounds great, now can I finish my shower in peace now dude?" he asked chuckling thinking that the situation was funny.
"yeah I'll be in the living room watching tv if you need me" he said walking out and closing the door.
I slapped Sam across the face and pushed him away from me moaning slightly as he pulled out. "I can't believe I let you do that!" I whisper yelled. He pulled me close to him locking his lips on mine easing my anger. The things this boy does to me.
"let me finish you off then I'll let you go." his words dancing off his tongue. I tilted my head to the side wondering what he meant and he pulled his two fingers making a peace sign and holding it against his mouth flicking his tongue between his fingers. I bit my lip trying not to give in but I had to know how he was so I nodded my head allowing him. He sunk down to his knees smirking and spreading my legs apart. He moved his head between my legs attaching his lips to the ones between my hips. I grasped onto his hair pulling his face closer and closer to my heat. He was sending me over the edge and I couldn't hold on any longer. I released into his mouth feeling him clean me up. I bit my lip hard making sure a moan wouldn't slip out.
His mouth and tongue worked like magic.

[okay so this is the end of chapter one. I do realize it's smut and by now you hate Addison and Sammy cause I do too but there will be plenty more chapters like this and many different twists. and if the video up there doesn't work it's Hey Daddy by Usher so yeah I definantly suggest you to listen to it so it can set the mood of the chapter and I hope you enjoy this book I'll try and keep up on it if I see it's appealing to you all. just be sure to vote and comment and I do need a new cover so if one of you could make one that would be amazing. alright thank you so much loves ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ remember to vote and comment and add this story to your library and recommend it to your friends!! Thanks so much ♡♡♡]

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