Coles Point of View
When we got there I saw Meru Katy and Amber standing at the door each holding a weapon of some kind. Meru a sword, Katy a katana and shot gun? And Amber a machete that was shiny! (Oooooh Shiny!!) I smiled, I brought with me a Driver (if you watch Chuggaa Xenoblade LP you'll under stand what it is if not here's a pic) that was big enough for me and Emile brought some sort of staff. Along with some sword for Jon. I feel like something bad is gonna happen. But then again who knows what could happen in here!
Emile's Point of View
I will never know where Cole got the driver but man I feel like I've seen it before. I just don't know where. Oh well, I had my staff that I use to control ether and I gave Jon a sword for him to use because to be perfectly honest.. I don't know what Jon liked to use! Hell he could be hiding a rifle in the trunk and i wouldn't know because I'm that clueless! I parked the car in place and grabbed my Staff. There were 3 girls who each had different weapons, I'm guessing there here to help out. I locked the car as soon as everyone was out and walked towards the girls


(First time with 3rd person Point of view so sorry if bad!)

3rd Person Point


Emile slowly walked in his staff in his hands and turned on a light.

"Well well well Look who it is! The Famous You-tuber Chuggaaconroy and his 'Boyfriend' Proton Jon! Oh is that your little Army of 9th graders?!? They look so pathetic. We have Link's Descendant, a hybrid, Someone from Bionis (Bi-On-Is) and a Princess! Man what a group we have here!" A man, the boss, Laughed. Jon slowly slide on the back wall that was dark and put one of his hands behind his back.

"Will get Lindsey Back!" Jon yelled as he shot out a blast of bright light. It hit the boss who flew back, hitting the wall. He opened his now red eyes and stepped out into the light. They all backed up in fear of what he'll do to them.
"Oh that was the worst mistake of your life Man, and you've already made some bad ones Jon!" The boss growled at him and smirk on his face.Jons face paled and he let out a small whimper.
"Oh are you scared of your history Jon? Do you want me to say it in front of everyone? Even if you say no I'm gonna do it!" The boss Told Jon as his face gradually grew paler.
"Everyone Meet Proton Jon also known as Jon to you guys but to some people, he's known as a Glitch! A glitch can never live in this world! He'll soon disappear in a few years!" The boss yelled, Jon slowly Slid down to the floor, his face in his hands. He started moving weirdly, his body in one place then the next. Jon disappeared out of the room, leaving Emile and everyone else to deal with the boss.

Lindsey Point of View
"Come on Lindsey One more time! You can do it! Even though you said you wouldn't you can do it!" I told myself hoping I can get teleportation under control. I felt the wind move and I was now on the floor without ropes around my wrist.
"I did it. I REALLY DID IT!" I celebrated before stopping. I heard a scream then A zipping sound. The. Jon was suddenly in front of me, crying.
"Jon did you teleport or... Wait a minute... Your a glitch aren't you. I've actually known for a while, you kinda glitched out on Sunday two weeks ago while we were out for lunch." I told Jon as he broke down.
I held him as he broke down. Then suddenly we were in a big room, where everyone was breathing heavily.

"What is happening?"

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