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My Sister's Posessed By Demons - Ch. 1

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I could feel the pain in my feet, the dull ache in the back of my head. I knew, more than felt that there was fear. It was in the air, almost as if you when you breathed in, it would immediately clutch tightly to your heart. And squeezed, until you thought your heart would burst. Then it would hold. But no death would come, no relief to the constant misery. The only life there was for yourself was one that consist of constantly looking over your shoulder.

I couldn't stop running, though. My body told me to stop, to catch my breath, but I ignored its wishes. My fear took control, making my body stiffen, causing me to stumble in my run. I knew this was it, this one fatal mistake would cost me my life. Why fight it? There was nothing I could do, my life would be his. And they would be free. That would be enough, knowing they would live, yet I would never see them again. When it came to them, my life was nothing. I would spend the rest of eternity in chains, a slave to an evil man.

With that, my shoulders slumped, and I slowed my pace, allowing his followers to catch up to me. They yanked me back by my hair, and tied my arms with a rope, that seemed to burn my skin to the bone. Without saying a word, they led me back in the direction I'd ran from. But it would be worth it.

His beautiful face floated in my mind, thoughts of him would be the only escape I would have from the awful torture to come. I spoke in my mind, as if he could hear me, "I love you, don't ever forget that." Then I closed my heart to the darkness.


I woke drenched in sweat. I lifted my hand to run my fingers through my sticky hair, breaking it away from my forehead. Then I closed my eyes, to try and remember anything of the dream I'd had. I didn't know why, but I knew this dream was of importance; the irony of it was that I could never remember a single part of it.

I was tired because of the dream; it didn't allow me much sleep. But I knew already that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, I'd tried before. I glanced over at my alarm clock, which told me it was only five thirty in the morning, meaning I still had more than two hours before I actually had to be awake.

I quietly slipped out of bed, careful to not step on certain squeaky boards in the floor. I quickly changed out of my pajamas and into suitable running attire. Throwing my hair into a pony tail, I slipped out the door.

Morning jogs had become habitual for me ever since my father died. It seemed to be that the fresh breeze and the dew under my feet helped to clear my mind. Hence, why I choose to not wear shoes when I run. Considering I live out in the country, I don't have to worry much about running out of grass. Unless it is winter, then I worry quite a lot, since the grass dries up.

I looked up towards the sky, seeing the moon peek slightly through the trees at me. If I looked at it in a certain way, it could be taken to be winking at me. Closing my eyes, I took in the sounds of the night, the wind brushing the trees against one another, the slight trickle of a stream somewhere in the forest, and in the distance, I could hear dogs howling.

Not taking any more time, I started my run. My family owned about sixty acres of land in northern Arkansas, and every morning I run the perimeter of it. If I paced myself correctly, I would make it to the top of a cliff just in time to sit and watch the sun rise. Some people might think this is cheesy, and only something characters in a book would do, but I do it anyways. It helps ease the stress in my mind.

I don't usually stay for long, since I have to be back in time to take over watching my little sister when my mom and step dad leave. But for once, I could actually stay and enjoy it for a little while, because my parents decided to take a break off from work today.

When I made to the cliff, I sat down on a big rock close to the edge. I kept my eyes wide and watched as all the beautiful colors swept together to create the perfect masterpiece, ready to be brightened increasingly as the sun rose. I watched until the sun was fairly high, then I closed my eyes and let the feeling of security wash over me. For however brief the moment.

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